Everyone will be able to enjoy these views from the Scenic Hills

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Everyone in Campbelltown and Camden will eventually be able to enjoy these incredible views from high up at Macarthur Grange golf course.

That will be the main legacy from a decision last night to approve 53 environmental living lots for housing to be located in a valley below the ridge line.

The developer’s planning proposal includes gifting the community 150 acres for lookout parks and a potential walkable future link to the Western Sydney Parklands and the southern Macarthur area at Mt Annan Botanic Garden.

Campbelltown deputy mayor Warren Morrison, whose photos here were taken during an inspection of the 300 acre site, says he found the views to be incredible and can’t wait for everyone to be able to access them.

Cr Morrison was the main speaker in support of the planning proposal, which would see the end of the 20 year old golf course along Raby Road.

He mounted a forensic case for the plan, including a response to the case against from the long time defender of the Scenic Hills, Cr Meg Oates.

Cr Morrison told the South West Voice afterwards that there were three important factors for championing the proposal.

“For a start, it is important that approving housing in the golf course land won’t set a precedent for the rest of the Scenic Hills,’’ Cr Morrison said.

“As we heard from the director at the meeting, this will not be the thin edge of the wedge for our Scenic Hills.

“The second is that we are being offered 150 acres for free as community land for the people of Macarthur, so they too can enjoy these incredible views in the future.

“The views really are breathtaking; these are 360-degree views, you can see Cronulla, the Sydney city, North Sydney, Blue Mountains.

“And when you turn a little to the South West you also see our new hospital – how good is that.’’

Cr Morrison says the 53 residential lots that will become available will give Campbelltown a housing option it’s never had before: lifestyle living on acreage just eight kilometres from the town centre.

Lots sizes will vary from 5000 square metres up to 40 hectares.

“These types of residential lots will attract knowledge jobs to Campbelltown,’’ says Cr Morrison.

“And as for those views, they could even become a big tourist attraction.

“Whichever way you look it it’s win, win, win for all of us.’’

Views to die for from Macarthur Grange golf course: the sand dunes at Cronulla

3 thoughts on “Everyone will be able to enjoy these views from the Scenic Hills”

  1. It’s only a win for the developer. Bye bye scenic hills and bye bye green space. This is the precedent set now and so there’ll be no reason further and further development will not occur. I am utterly disgusted and very, very disappointed.

  2. Whilst Cr Morrison says that this development of the Scenic Hills will not be a precedent for further development, the reality is of course it will be. If you can make a case for this development then there will be other proposals for development with equal or greater merit than this one. This development is based purely for the financial benefit of those who knew the restrictions when the property was purchased. The open grassland and rolling hills are part of the character and beauty of Campbelltown and the Macarthur region as a whole. The Scenic Hills should be preserved and protected for future generations and not surrendered for the financial gain of a few.

  3. A housing option of lifestyle acerages never seen before in Campbelltown??? Has he ever bothered to venture out into Kentlyn or Minto heights? There’s new money coming into these areas because they want a “lifestyle acerage “ and they’re paying good coin for it too! Perhaps more attention by council to these areas where people are paying a big chunk of councils money should be considered – there’s development opportunity there too!


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