High time to give this rubbish ‘landmark’ in Broughton Street the flick

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This week's garbage pile in Broughton Street
This week’s garbage pile in Broughton Street, opposite St Elmo’s homestead and Centennial Park.

It’s got some of the very best views of Campbelltown.

It’s opposite two historic landmarks, Centennial Park and St Elmo’s homestead.

Hundreds, maybe thousands of local motorists drive past it every day.

And what they all notice aren’t the sweeping views of a growing town but of the rubbish pile that’s always outside the block of flats complex built some years ago on the southern side of Broughton Street.

It’s almost like a third landmark to add to St Elmo’s and the Centennial Park, except it’s really a disgusting eyesore.

Anyone who drives up the hill on their way to East Campbelltown, Airds, Ruse or Kentlyn will have seen it.

For the benefit of those who haven’t seen it, it’s not the same rubbish that’s been there for weeks or months.

Taking a guess, someone’s moved out of one of the flats and the rubbish is all the stuff they didn’t want any longer.

Well, that’s fine, but why does it need to be placed on the footpath, forcing pedestrians to have to walk around it.

Sometimes there’s so much it spills onto the roadway.

But while the amount may vary, one thing is constant: there is rarely a day when there’s no pile of ugly rubbish strewn across five or six metres at this part of Broughton Street.

We have gone beyond the point of accepting our city being treated as a giant garbage tip.

Indeed that’s been one of the really positive changes in Campbelltown in the past 10 years.

Our entire place, from Glenfield to St Helens Park and from Kearns to Kentlyn, has looked very sharp, with the council keeping footpaths mowed regularly and staying on top of the rubbish situation.

But we want it to stay that way, and if anything, improved.

The little Broughton Street “rubbish tip’’ needs to be quickly eliminated to make sure it doesn’t spread.

It shouldn’t be hard for council to work with the people who own the flats complex to come up with a permanent solution.

The front of the block of flats complex.
The front of the block of flats complex.






3 thoughts on “High time to give this rubbish ‘landmark’ in Broughton Street the flick”

  1. Well said, Eric. And the rubbish in Broughton St continues right across the other side of the tracks all the way up Badgally Rd – on the footpath, on the grass, and along the gutters. More is thrown there every day and it’s disgusting.

  2. Not only Broughton Street – all of Campbelltown looks like a dump lately. I’m currently staying with my daughter in Cairns – they don’t get clean ups, they have to take to the tip. I’ve not seen a pile of rubbish in a street over last 3 weeks. And they have to pay a private contractor for green waste collection….if only you could see the amount of palm tree fronds each week from one house.


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