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Tick some boxes before you hit the road this Christmas

NRMA roadside service is there to help you get back on the road.

Local families are being reminded to make sure they have NRMA Membership for roadside assistance before hitting the road this Christmas, no matter their journey or destination.

The NRMA responded to more than 80,000 calls for help on NSW and ACT roads between December 19 and January 9 last Christmas period, or two and a half calls a minute, and is warning motorists to be prepared in case of unexpected moments on roads again this year.

Last Christmas, the NRMA’s top five reasons for callouts were:

1. Flat batteries – 43 per cent

2. Wheels and tyres – 10 per cent

3. Electrical faults – nine per cent

4. Vehicle lock-outs – six per cent

5. Cooling systems – five per cent

NRMA executive general manager motoring, Samantha Taranto, said roadside assistance wasn’t just for long trips.

“Members who call us never started their journey expecting to need help,” Ms Taranto said.

“That’s why having NRMA Membership offers peace of mind, especially in the Australian heat when all families want to do is reach loved ones quickly and safely for Christmas celebrations.

The average waiting time is 34 minutes, and NRMA patrols get cars started again without a tow nine times out of 10. NRMA is the only roadside service with 100 per cent coverage.

While membership offers peace of mind, Ms Taranto said there were some ways motorists could help prevent some unexpected mishaps on the road.

“A holiday drive can quickly become a journey to forget if you’re not prepared,’’ Ms Taranto said.

“We recommend members book their cars in for a regular service with a trusted mechanic at an NRMA Motorserve – this is the best way to spot potential disasters and fix them before they cause any drama,” Ms Taranto said.

“If you’re unsure of your battery health you can give us a call before you hit the road and one of our patrols will come and check it for you, and replace it on the spot if need be.

“Also make sure you’ve checked your tyre pressure, lubricant and cooling systems before hitting the road and pack safely.”

To join the NRMA call 13 11 22.

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