That’s it then: so long, goodbye and best wishes to you all

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Margaret Lambert's last column for the South West Voice.
Goodbye: this is Margaret Lambert’s last column for the South West Voice.

This year has presented some new and exciting challenges for me.

I hope to commence some work on extending community knowledge about EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), which is a treatment for a range of emotional and physical conditions.

As a result, this will be my last article in the South West Voice for now, as I focus on the way forward for researching the application of EFT.

My final message in this column is one of self-care and self-worth, probably the hardest lesson for most of us. It is an extract from my book, Longing to Live: Journey with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia, and is my favourite quote from the book:

“We are forever changed by our major life experiences. Circumstances beyond our control may force changes in our lives which we do not like, and may diminish our ability for engagement in many ways, but our intrinsic value as a human being remains nonetheless. We understand that when one door closes another door opens, but I may never see the doors that open to me in a new phase of my life if I uphold my self-worth in my ability to do or to function. Instead, I may remain fixed on being the person I used to be, with all of the things I was able to do before life changed irreversibly, setting myself up for ongoing disappointment when I don’t return to my former self. Over time, ongoing disappointment progresses to disillusionment, depression and despair.

“I have learned that if I honour myself primarily as a human being rather than a human doing, I maintain my inherent self-worth and can better face the reality of my changed circumstances. Valuing our human being-ness is more likely to lead us to acceptance and patience with our changed conditions, and to be open to opportunities that will allow us to grow into the people that we are now able to become.”

We actually don’t have to prove our self-worth by doing any particular thing.

We are worthy just as we are, and we can honour ourselves simply because we are here in the world.

Self-care is the language of self-love and honouring yourself.

I hope we can all continue to grow in self-love and self-worth.

Best wishes to you all.

Until next time…Marg Lambert


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