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Start building Macarthur-airport rail ink now, says Freelander

It is of the utmost importance that when it’s open Western Sydney Airport is adequately serviced by public transport infrastructure, says federal member for Macarthur Dr Mike Freelander.

“Without a rail link from Macarthur and Leppington on to Badgery’s Creek, the government is effectively locking the entire South West out of the opportunities that the airport will offer,’’ he says.

Dr Freelander is calling on the federal and state governments to build the entire rail link to the airport and not just the north section to Penrith as planned at present.

He also thinks there’s no time to waste in building an airport rail line connecting it to Macarthur and other parts of South West Sydney.

“Work should start immediately on the construction of the rail line,’’ says Dr Freelander.

“It make sense for the federal government to bring forward infrastructure spending given the present economic climate, and the fact that a number of major infrastructure projects are being put off under the Coalition.

Build the rail link now: Dr Freelander in his electorate office in Campbelltown.

“The government pretends to be investing heavily in infrastructure, but the reality is that much of this expenditure won’t exist nor be delivered for years,’’ he said.

“Macarthur and South West Sydney residents have been left wanting for too long, and it is time that we are afforded with the jobs and economic benefits that come with the construction of a major infrastructure project, such as this desperately needed rail line.

“This is especially true when one considers the massive development and population growth that we are experiencing across Macarthur and South West Sydney.

“It is irresponsible for Federal and State Liberal National Governments to continue to deny our region adequate investment in vital infrastructure projects.”

Dr Freelander says a south west and Macarthur rail link for commuters and freight would also ensure the success of the new airport and aerotropolis.

“A rail link via Leppington and Macarthur would service the massive population growth projected for Western Sydney over the coming years,’’ he said.

“It will also facilitate movement onto the CBD, while ensuring South West commuters are not made to travel via Parramatta to access the new airport.” 

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