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Shorrocks team will have you back on your feet in no time

You’re crossing the street in a leisurely fashion but you take off when a car suddenly appears.

Unfortunately one of your calf muscles snaps, which is a serious injury because now you’re basically on one leg.

Don’t worry, the experts at Shorrocks Human Movement & Rehabilitation Services will have you back on your feet in no time. That’s because personalised service is part and parcel of this business and the reason for their success.

This is what will happen if you seek their help for your bung calf muscle, explains the man behind this great little local business, David Shorrocks:

“We will assess it, identify how severe it is and we start the basic treatment, which is very passive.

“This can involve mild massage and strapping. We monitor that and then we give you the exercises to do at home.

“We measure improvement week by week, then we bring you into the gym and we may start a bit heavier work. Normally, within four to six weeks you’re on your own,’’ he says.

This personalised service provided by a team of experts is what makes Shorrocks Human Movement & Rehabilitation Services different from others in the industry.

Located on Crookston Drive, Camden South, near Camden Valley Inn, it is made up of a team of experts led by David Shorrocks.

Meet the Shorrocks Human Movement & Rehabilitation Services team. From left to right: Dannielle Lovett, David Shorrocks, Kellie Weinert and Elodie Guimbeau.

He started the clinic in January 2012 after retiring from the police force where he spent 35 years in senior positions.

“When I first started we had about 15 patients a week,’’ Mr Shorrocks said.

“We made them feel comfortable with one on one service, and that’s what I always wanted to do.

“I didn’t want to have a gym atmosphere where they just become a number – here you’re a person and you get that personalised treatment.

“And people respond to that personal contact, and by coming to the house it makes them feel like they have become part of the family.

“You just get better results,’’ he said.

It’s obviously a successful formula because the clinic now averages between 60 and 70 people a week, a big increase from the 15 or so when it first opened its doors seven years ago.

The Shorrocks team includes his daughter Dannielle Lovett, a personal trainer and metafit instructor, Kellie Weinert, who has a degree in sports science and is also a mountain biking coach, and Elodie Guimbeau, who also has a degree in sports science.

David Shorrocks, who is an advanced netball coach, also has degrees in sport and exercise as well as in health science.

“Danielle has been with me virtually from the start, she’s our fitness trainer, works on technique and also helps out with their diets,’’ says Mr Shorrocks.

The clinic caters for a wide range of injuries and people – young, old and those playing sport.

“We have the sporting people who are injured or who just want to get fit for a preseason,’’ he explains.

“Because of my 30 years of experience working with national sporting teams, having that understanding of what they want to do, and how they want to get back to sport, we have had people who have played for Australia who have injured themselves and we got them back playing for Australia again.

“But it doesn’t make any difference whether you’re an athlete or not – you’ve still got the same muscles, and when you do certain movements you are hurting those muscles.

“So the exercises we provide are no different to the rehab program we provide to a high performance athlete, except not in the same intensity, and the goals are different.’’

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