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Dr Freelander urges action now on aged care

Older Australians cannot wait for action on aged care and the Morrison Liberal Government must act now to fix our country’s broken aged care system, says the Federal Member for Macarthur, Dr Mike Freelander.

The Labor MP has launched a community campaign in Macarthur urgently calling on the Morrison Liberal Government to act now on aged care. 

His initiative comes in the wake of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety’s interim report this week, which laid bare the disturbing state of Australia’s aged care system.

“There is not one part of Australia’s aged care system that isn’t impacted by crisis,” says Dr Freelander.

He said that while Labor was prepared to work constructively with the Morrison Liberal Government to progress long term reform challenges, there were three things the Royal Commission says it must address now to fix Australia’s broken aged care system.

They are to ensure older Australians are getting the care at home when they need it most, end the over reliance of chemical restraints in aged care and stop the unacceptable number of young people entering residential aged care.

“Older Australians and their loved ones cannot wait until the final report of the Royal Commission, which is to be handed down in November 2020, for action on aged care,” Dr Freelander (pictured above) said.

“This includes the 120,000 older Australians waiting for care at home, with waiting times blowing out to almost two years for the highest levels of care.

“It also includes the older Australians in residential aged care facilities who are not getting the high quality care they deserve in a wealthy country like Australia.

“The Liberal Government has been asleep at the wheel for six years, with four ministers and billions ripped out while Australia’s aged care system has lurched from one crisis to another.

“There are dozens of reviews and hundreds of recommendations that the Morrison Liberal Government should have implemented to act on aged care.

“It’s time to act now on aged care – for our loved ones who built the country we are rightly proud and for every Australian who wants to age with dignity and autonomy in care.’’

Constituents can sign Labor’s petition calling for action at or by visiting 37 Queen St, Campbelltown.

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