Petition calls on council to revoke ‘place of worship’ ban

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A petition has been launched calling on Campbelltown Council to revoke a Stop Use Order issued to the Australian Muslim Welfare Centre.

The order to stop using the community facility located at 13-17 Eagleview Road as a place of public worship is labelled “unfair’’ in the petition that has been signed by 4,453 people in 20 days.

Addressed to the Mayor, George Greiss, the petition says: “We, the members of a diverse and thriving community, seek your urgent attention and leadership to revoke the recent Stop Use Order.

“Whilst we appreciate the ongoing efforts of the Campbelltown City Council to ensure the well-being and compliance of our community spaces, we are profoundly disappointed at the unfair targeting of our community facility,’’ says the petition, which was started by Habib Bhuiyan.

“The AMWC community facility has long been a vital hub for fostering community cohesion, cultural exchange, and interfaith dialogue.

“Our facility addresses the increasing requirements of our community by offering a range of services, including social and cultural events, counselling, and community welfare activities.

“The AMWC conducts empathy services almost every week to support members who have lost family members.

“All the activities, including empathy services, of AMWC emphasize the commitment to collective well-being and local development, benefiting not only individuals but the entire community,’’ says the petition.

Council is believed to have issued the order in response to ongoing complaints from both neighbouring residents and others.

However, according to the petition, the Eagleview Road centre (pictured above) is not being used as a place of worship as such.

“Utilising a community centre for offering prayers and worship, doesn’t inherently transform the facility into a place of public worship,’’ it says.

“When the imperative need for prayer arises – a fundamental obligation in Islam – our centre serves a secondary role by facilitating prayer and worship.

“We request you to take prompt action and revoke the Stop Use Order for the AMWC community facility and the unfair targeting of our community.

“Revoking the order would enable the AMWC to continue its role in fostering harmony, understanding, and inclusivity within our community.’’

If you are interested in reading the petition in full here is the link.

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