Construction contract green light for performing arts centre

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Wollondilly Council has awarded the tender for construction of its new 375 seat performing arts centre, the next exciting phase of the Wollondilly cultural precinct.

Belmadar Pty Ltd will be bringing the vision for the centre to life, building a state-of-the-art local venue for music, theatre, exhibitions and civic events, and giving a major injection into the cultural life of Picton and the wider Wollondilly area.

Construction of the performing arts centre is funded by grants and developer contributions.

It will be a major step towards the delivery of the Wollondilly cultural precinct, which will also see a new village green, government services building and library for the benefit of all of the Wollondilly community.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing the Performing Arts Centre become a place for our community to gather and socialise, to see live performances and attend functions without having to travel outside the area,” says Wollondilly Mayor Matt Gould.

“It will provide an important space for the local arts sector and will hopefully inspire creativity and cultural expression in the years ahead, as well as stimulating our local economy.”

The architectural design of the new multi-purpose building will be on display to visitors entering Picton from the motorway, creating an impressive entrance for the town centre.

Construction of the performing arts centre will provide local economic stimulus, construction jobs and more employment – supporting local businesses and the broader Wollondilly community.

Work is expected to start on site at the end of this year, following completion of the children’s services building. This project is funded by grants including the Western Parkland City liveability program, developer contributions and building renewal funds.

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