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Hard at work rubbish dumping and panic buying

This little part of Campbelltown’s beautiful, pristine bushland has just gained some special decoration. This old spa was dumped by some scumbag in Kentlyn, near Georges River Road earlier this week.

Fingers crossed this selfish loser is not a reader of the South West Voice, but hopefully someone who is will draw his attention to this piece.

Having spotted their handiwork on the way to the shops to see if there was anything left on the shelves at Woolies – there wasn’t – there’s no doubt this moron is also part of the mob that’s pushing little old ladies out of the way to grab the last pack of toilet paper.

Despoil our beautiful bush, hoard toilet paper and other essentials, it makes no difference to these selfish people.

Surely they have enough brains to understand that if we all stay calm there will be plenty of basic necessities for everyone, especially the most vulnerable among us.

But do they?

Most people say “no’’ to the brains question, and some even wonder whether these renegades are really members of the human race.

It’s true that for most of us this situation is incredibly difficult, but the fact is that it will pass.

It’s just a matter of time, probably some weeks or months.

In the meantime let’s focus on keeping ourselves and our families safe.

But let’s also ensure that we are good neighbours and community minded in all that we do.

Help others wherever possible, including by not panic buying.

We are all in this together, well, at least most of us are.

PS. Campbelltown Council, please get your people to pick up the spa, and if you find out who dumped it there please prosecute them as hard as you can. Thank you.

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