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Online first port of call for consumers, but store staff still play vital role

Warren Morrison inside his Sleeping Giant-James Lane franchise store in Blaxlaland Road.

As the operator of the only Sleeping Giant franchise, Warren Morrison decided to sit back and wait when the company added the lounge and dining line by James Lane to the bedding products it offered the public.

Having been satisfied that it would be something Macarthur residents would embrace, his Blaxland Road store introduced the new line as part of 21st anniversary celebrations as well as major refurbishment late last year.

“I didn’t want to do it too early,’’ says Mr Morrison.

“It was important to see whether the idea, the concept, worked.

“It takes a little bit of time to get a new product right in the market, things like the price, the distribution.’’

As part of last year’s major refurbishment of the store, inside and outside, there was an opportunity for a bigger floor area, which made it easier to accommodate the James Lane products.

“And while we decided to go ahead with James Lane, we didn’t want to lose Sleeping Giant for this area, which has been here for our customers for 21 years now,’’ says Mr Morrison.

“So we wanted to make sure people know Sleeping Giant is still here, but also that James Lane is not the cheapest end in dining and lounges and it’s not the dearest, it’s around the middle.’’

The James Lane range includes lounges, dining, coffee table, entertainment units and outdoor furniture.

“But there is also a lot of stuff online we can’t fit in the store,’’ Mr Morrison points out.

He says most consumers, especially of furniture, head online first these days.

“Everyone looks now, they go online, then they come in, they feel and touch, sit on it, and go, wait a minute, that one’s a bit firmer than I thought, or softer, then they go to one with a different price point and they may purchase that,’’ he explains.

“Online makes it a little easier to go out of your comfort level and just go and have a look, take a lot of time to do things,’’ Mr Morrison says.

“But with furniture the smart thing is to look online, and then head to the shop that had the product you want.

“And that’s why here at Sleeping Giant in Blaxland Road all our friendly and knowledgeable staff can answer any questions you may still have after going online to check out James Lane furniture.

“We put a lot of stock by that because we know you won’t get all the answers going online.’’

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