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Not so easy getting on the buses for these nursing home residents

Residents of the Kilbride nursing home in Gileadwho don’t have a car are forced to walk a kilometre to the nearest bus stop.

Some residents also have mobility issues which make the journey by foot to the bus stop almost impossible.

Jens Kaestel, vice president of the Kilbride Residents’ Committee, says that’s just not right and a bus stop should be established a lot closer to the nursing home.

“At the moment the residents that don’t have a car walk a kilometre to the end of Glendower Street,’’ Mrs Kaestel said.

“We want a stop as close as possible – right here outside Kilbride would be fantastic, but definitely as close as we can get it.

“We residents aren’t the only ones who need the bus stop.

“There are a lot of people that come to visit here – people who have friends and family members in Kilbride,” Mrs Kaestel said.

Long walk to the bus stop: MP Greg Warren with Dutchy Holland and Kilbride residents.

The residents have enlisted the support of local MP Greg Warren in their campaign to get a bus closer to where they live.

Mr Warren said he discussed the problem with Campbelltown RSL Sub-branch president Dutchy Holland, who lives nearby and has championed the cause for the bus stop on behalf of Kilbride residents.

Mr Warren has now written to the transport minister urging him to consider establishing a bus stop outside the nursing home.

 “A bus stop outside Kilbride, or at least within close proximity to the home, would make the world of difference,’’ Mr Warren said.

“There are also family members – particularly spouses and siblings who are also elderly – that would benefit immensely from the stop.

“We should be doing everything possible to encourage our elderly residents to get moving and stay active.

 “Having a bus stop close to the home would certainly encourage more residents to get out and about and amongst the community.”

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