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Newest Australian citizens came from more than 60 countries

More than 1,200 residents of Campbelltown received their Australian citizenship in the past 12 months via online ceremonies.

These new Australians had come here from more than 60 countries.

Among them was Zaman, who migrated from the small city of Rangpur in Bangladesh.

“Becoming an Australian citizen means a more formal relationship with the people of this country living in Australia and all over the word,” he said.

“It will also encourage us to learn and respect more about the history, culture and people.

“Finally, thanks a lot to the Australian government and people for giving us the opportunity to share equal rights like other Australians,” Zaman said.

Also becoming new Australians in Campbelltown were Suresh, Priyansha and Liam, who came to Australia from Nepal to continue their education and build a career.

“Living in Australia has been very exciting and we have loved every single moment,’’ they said.

“Getting Australian citizenship is like one of our dreams that came true.

“We are proud that we chose to live in Australia, a multi-cultural country which values, respects and looks after the people living in the country, especially people in Campbelltown who are very lovely and support us.’’

Manoj, Sathya, Manju and Shivani came to Australia from India eight years ago and were delighted to recently receive their citizenship in an online ceremony.

“All these years we enjoyed the mateship, quality of life and safe environment for our children,” they said.

“We have also made several friends from various cultural backgrounds.

“We are proud to embrace the Australian culture and values while practising our religious beliefs, traditions and practices.”

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