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Outrage over mutilation of kangaroos in Macarthur region

The Animal Justice Party has lashed out over the mutilation of three kangaroos in separate incidents across the Macarthur region in the past few days.

The most recent case was a young female Eastern Grey kangaroo dumped on the side of the road at Couridjah on September 30 (pictured above).

The corpse of the kangaroo had signs of head trauma and both legs and the tail had been cut off.

The incident was reported to police and other authorities.

However the Animal Justice Party are calling on the state government to take action against such cruel practices.

“Kangaroos need protection. Without a change in government attitudes or practices, appalling cruelty like this will likely continue,’’ says Greg Keightley, kangaroo advisor to Animal Justice Party MP Mark Pearson.

“Because kangaroos are treated as pests, horrific incidents like this are not uncommon in NSW. We hear similar stories on a weekly if not daily basis,’’ says Keightley, who has been a kangaroo carer for 15 years.

“Some of these same kangaroos will have been saved by wildlife carers from the summer bushfires. Now they are being callously killed and dismembered.

 “Often kangaroos are dismembered after death as people take away ‘trophies’ or ‘souvenirs’ like their head, tail, feet and testicles. 

“This behaviour has become so common that some people have taken to carrying spray paint in their cars – colouring the body parts so that people don’t remove them.

 “The impact of the NSW Government’s ongoing smear campaign against kangaroos has been devastating. They are left undervalued and under protected, leading to cruel incidents like this.

 “We can’t forget that the NSW Government actively supports the commercial slaughter of kangaroos,’’ Mr Keightley said.

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