Never a dull moment when Mark Latham’s got a microphone

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Whatever you think of Mark Latham’s politics, one thing’s for sure: there’s never a dull moment when he gets the microphone in hand.

He always calls a spade a spade and never takes any prisoners over matter of principle.

It’s also very hard to deny Latham’s intelligence and common sense approach to various issues over the years.

It seems like an eternity now but in 2004 the boy from Liverpool had an opportunity to become the Prime Minister of our country – but we decided to give John Howard one more term.

A few years earlier he was shadow minister for education in a federal Labor opposition frontbench.

That’s all in the past and Latham now is the leader of One Nation in this state, and in that role from the Upper House in the NSW Parliament he keeps a keen eye on the education sector, among other things.

Having been the beneficiary of a good education himself, as a boy who grew up in Liverpool’s housing commission area of Green Valley, Latham has always appreciated the critical importance of schooling.

In the past couple of years, he has tirelessly highlighted the need for NSW to return to the basics of a good education.

As a result, he has become a thorn on the side of the Berejiklian Government, something for which the people of NSW should be grateful to Mark Latham.

Next Friday, June 4, the man himself will be the guest speaker at a special luncheon being organised by the Ingleburn chamber of commerce.

No doubt he will talk about education and where it’s at in NSW – and other current affairs.

The event will be held at Ottimo House, Denham Court and there are limited places still available.

Indeed if you or your business is keen to sponsor this big South Western Sydney event please get in contact with the chamber.

To book your seat or table visit the Ingleburn chamber website.

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