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Fine dining with Manu in the kitchen at Campbelltown

Celebrity chef Manu Feildel will be in the kitchen when 50 people gather for an evening of fine dining tonight.

But the Frenchman won’t be cooking up a storm anywhere near where you’d normally expect to find him – somewhere in the city.

This fundraising dinner event for We Are Community Inc will be taking place right in the heart of Campbelltown’s Queen Street.

It will be hosted at Bar Centrale, a café located in the Skygardens Arcade.

Owner Sonya Moulang, pictured above, can’t wait.

“It will be a three course meal,’’ she says.

“It will be fine dining – as much as my little kitchen can handle and Manu will be helping with the cooking.

“He’s very excited; he will be here a little earlier in the day to help with the prep and the set up,’’ says Ms Moulang.

Tonight’s dinner will double up as a fundraiser as well as the launch of a “pay it forward’’ scheme for Bar Centrale and another local café, Seta’s.

Ms Moulang says conversations are taking place to bring on board more local cafes to be able to help as many homeless people as possible.

“The way it works is customers can come in and pay for a meal or a coffee, a sandwich or a burger or whatever they want,’’ she says.

“The customers can take the meal to someone who needs a meal, or someone they see on the street, or they can leave it with us and we’ll pass it back to We Are Community, and they will hand it out to homeless people.’’

Signs will go up on the windows of the cafés to create awareness of the pay it forward availability, for both patrons and homeless people.

Tonight’s fine dining event will also feature auctioning of several items to raise further funds for We Are Community, who will also be attending.

But no doubt all eyes will be towards the little Bar Centrale kitchen where Manu (pictured below) will be cooking up a storm.

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