Macarthur football kicks a lot of goals at awards night

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If the 2022 M-League awards are anything to go by, football is in tip top shape in Macarthur.

The awards were held last night at Wests Leagues Leumeah in a packed 500-seat auditorium.

And as if any evidence was needed that the M-League is a tough competition, several award winners hobbled on to the stage with the aid of crutches or with arms in slings.

The women’s award winners got some of the biggest cheers in a further sign that their popularity is continuing to grow.

None got a bigger cheer than the joint winners of the women’s first grade player of the year award, Camden Tigers stars Dana Buttigieg and Tenealle Hay.

Hay, who as most local football fans would know knows how to find the back of the net, also took out the golden boot award for most goals.

She found the back of the net no fewer than 32 times and rightly received a massive cheer when her name was called out for the first grade women’s award.

TOP: club championship winners, Narellan Rangers. ABOVE: Dana Buttigieg and Tenealle Hay. BELOW: First grade Golden Boot winner Matthew Wallace. BOTTOM: referee of the year in reserve grade Lewis Hudson. PICTURES: JILL BENNETT

A stack of VIPs were on hand to present the awards, from local sport administrators to state and federal politicians and mayors and councillors.

Macarthur Football Association chairman Darcy Lound made an impressive speech welcoming everyone, setting the scene for a great celebration of football in Macarthur. General manager Salv Carmusciano closed proceedings.

The winners were:

Player of the Year – U21 Colts

In third place, on 25 votes Joseph Patten, Mt Annan Mustangs SC

In second place, on 30 votes and finishing strongly was Jake Miller, Harrington United.

The winner, on 32 votes, from the Narellan Rangers SC, Brody Lound. 

Reserve Grade

In equal second, on 11 votes each, Robert Turner, Gunners SC and Nathan Scott, Eschol Park SC.

On 12 votes and joint winners of the Reserves Grade Player of the Year award, Lachlan Marsh, Oran Park Rovers FC and Heath Sheppard, Narellan Rangers SC.

Men’s First Grade

In third place, on 15 votes, Hayden Dalmazio, Eschol Park SC

In second place, on 16 votes, from the Camden Tigers, Harry Davies

The winner, on 22 votes, from the Oran Park Rovers FC, Dean Lockhart. 

Women’s First Grade

In equal third place, on 18 votes, Ina Miloseska from Liverpool City Robins and Aurmina Shaba from Sporting Rovers

In equal second place, on 21 votes, Jasmyn Windsor from AC United and Kelly Wilson from the Tahmoor Taipans

Joint winners, on 27 votes, both from the Camden Tigers, Dana Buttigieg and Tenealle Hay.

Deploy Football Golden Boot

U21 Colts:

Joint winners: Hayden Keith, Gunners SC and Joseph Patten, Mt Annan Mustangs SC (15 goals)

Men’s Reserves Grade:

Vince Cosentino, Narellan Rangers SC (21 goals)

Women’s First Grade:

Tenealle Hay, Camden Tigers FC (32 goals)

Men’s First Grade:

Winner: Matthew Wallace, Gunners SC (26 Goals)

Marsdens Law Group Fair Play Award

U21 Colts: Camden Tigers FC

Men’s Reserves: Narellan Rangers SC

Women’s First Grade: Harrington United

Men’s First Grade: Camden Tigers FC

Referee of the Year

U21 Coltsr: Jarryd Daniels

Men’s Reserves Grade: Lewis Hudson

Women’s First Grade: Stephen Ellsmore

Men’s First Grade: Doug Brennan

Coach of the year:

U21 Colts: Jarrod Stewart, Eschol Park FC

Men’s First Grade and Men’s Reserves Grade: Scott McKechnie, Narellan Rangers SC

Women’s First Grade: Axel Friedrich, Tahmoor Taipans

Goalkeeper of the year:

U21 Colts: Andrew Griffiths, Narellan Rangers SC

Men’s Reserves Grade: Nathan Beks, Oran Park Rovers FC

Women’s First Grade: Monique Jackson, Tahmoor Taipans

Men’s First Grade: Rob Caldicott, Narellan Rangers SC

Player’s Player Award

U21 Colts: Noureddine Bahamad, Camden Tigers FC

Men’s Reserves Grade Player’s Player: Cort Langford, Narellan Rangers SC

Women’s First Grade Player’s Player: Caitlin Orridge, Narellan Rangers SC

Men’s First Grade Player’s Player: Liam Ross, Narellan Rangers SC

Men’s Team of the Year

1. Andrew Griffiths, Narellan Rangers SC U21 Colts

2. Hayden Dalmazio, Eschol Park FC, Men’s First Grade

3. Alexander Steedman, Camden Tigers, Men’s Reserves Grade

4. Ben Ingerson, Narellan Rangers SC, Men’s First Grade

5. Mitchell Williams, Gunners SC, Men’s Reserves Grade

6. Brody Lound, Narellan Rangers SC, U21 Colts

7. Dean Lockhart, Oran Park Rovers FC, Men’s First Grade

8. David Mcavoy, Gunners SC, Men’s First Grade

9. Jake Miller, Harrington United, U21 Colts

10. Matthew Wallace, Gunners SC, Men’s First Grade

11. Joseph Patten, Mt Annan Mustangs SC, U21 Colts

Women’s Team of the Year

1. Monique Jackson, Tahmoor Taipans

2. Hanne Sorensen, Liverpool City Robins

3. Tiana Mobbs, Narellan Rangers SC

4. Kelly Wilson, Tahmoor Taipans

5. Brooke Hankin, Liverpool City Robins

6. Stephanie Haim, Oran Park Rovers FC

7. Aurmina Shaba, Sporting Rovers FC

8. Tenealle Hay, Camden Tigers FC

9. Rebecca Brierley, Tahmoor Taipans

10. Taylor Johnston, Narellan Rangers SC

11. Dana Buttigieg, Camden Tigers FC

Club Championship – Narellan Rangers

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