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Macarthur FC: where was pomp and ceremony for first home game

The Macarthur FC Bulls lost their first ever home game when they went down 2-0 to the Central Coast Mariners on Sunday.

But some people reckon they also lost an opportunity to make the historic match, well, a bit more historic.

From my point of view I was there to cover the match, but a few conversations with people around Macarthur since then made me have a rethink.

There’s no doubt that a little bit of pomp and ceremony in the hour before the start of the match would have been well received by those at the ground and the thousands watching on TV.

But apart from a smoking ceremony performed by local Aboriginal elder Uncle Ivan Wellington (pictured above) there were no official events inside Campbelltown Sports Stadium leading up to the start of the inaugural first home game.

By way of suggestion, consideration should have been given to the Campbelltown mayor, George Brticevic, saying a few words before “kicking off’’ the game for the cameras.

It would have been a reflection of the massive tangible support Campbelltown Council, on behalf of the people of Campbelltown, have given to the new club.

This includes the Bulls receiving around $2.5 million from council towards their community activities over the next five years.

They also have access to the stadium for virtually nothing for the dozen games they will play each season.

And when the $30 million sport and medicine centre of excellence at Western Sydney University is finally open Macarthur Fc will be the main tenants.

And of course Campbelltown Council has a corporate box at games, which will also cost ratepayers tens of thousands of dollars per season.

It’s great that Campbelltown Council is getting behind Macarthur FC, and it would be churlish to argue otherwise.

But last Sunday was a great opportunity for the Bulls to say thanks – and for whatever reason they blinked.

There were plenty of positive things to come out of the inaugural game, and we will list some of those in the Top 5 below, but it would also have been great, for example, to see a march of junior soccer teams from both Southern and Macarthur associations, both of which are on board the Bulls wagon.

Or even a junior match or two at half time.

This Saturday the club play their second home game against the NZ franchise, Wellington Phoenix, and maybe it’s a second chance to make up for last Sunday.

And now for our Top 5 take outs from the Bulls V Mariners match:

Number 1. The noisy cow bells. Can’t wait to hear them in action when we’re scoring an avalanche of goals.

Number 2. Love the coaches out on the side of the field micro managing their respective teams and sometimes being ball boys. Adds to the atmosphere.

Number 3. The Campbelltown weather – wet and miserable all morning but cleared up to sunny skies for the entire match.

Number 4. Fan commentary. Love how it’s the same whatever football code you watch. Hilarious at times.

Number 5. Got home to be greeted by the wife saying: the Campbelltown Stadium jinx works in the soccer as well.

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