Look twice for a motorcycle – it could save a life

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MP Chris Hayes has got a Motorcycle Awareness Week message for motorists.
MP Chris Hayes, an experienced motorbike rider, has got a message for motorists as part of Motorcycle Awareness Week.

While riding a motorcycle can be exhilarating and give a sense of freedom, it comes with a greater degree of risk, says someone who knows.

This week MP Chris Hayes, is asking all road users to be more aware of motor cyclists and their vulnerability on the road.

An avid rider for more than 30 years, Mr Hayes knows only too well the dangers associated with riding a motor bike on our busy roads.

Motorcycle Awareness Week is being held during October 15-22 and it is a reminder that we all need to be careful on the roads.

“Riding a motorcycle certainly has its benefits, it’s an inexpensive and efficient way to travel, parking is much simpler than a car, but it comes with definite risks,” Mr Hayes said.

Motorcyclists account for more than 15 percent of all road deaths, despite only making up 4.5 percent of registered vehicles in Australia.

“This statistic is too high and being a motorcyclist, I fully appreciate the vulnerabilities,’’ says the federal member for Fowler.

“Riding a motor bike is exhilarating but it can be easily forgotten how slim the line is between fun and serious injury, or worse.

“While I have always encouraged my sons and friends to ride defensively, we all have a responsibility to make our roads safe.

“I ask all road users to slow down and be aware of those around you,” the MP said.

“Motor Cycle Awareness Week is just that, a week to remind us of being aware of motorcycles.”

“Look twice for bikes, it isn’t a big ask but it could save someone’s life,” Chris Hayes said.

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