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Renewed calls for urgent boost to local courts

The wheels of justice move slowly, but here in Campbelltown they risk grinding to a halt.

The problem is simple: with a population boom under way more and more people require court services, which just can’t keep up with the demand.

The result is frustration for all concerned.

And then there’s the services not offered locally, such as those by federal and family courts.

Local residents from anywhere in the Macarthur region who need such services are in for a nasty surprise: a three train trip to Parramatta where the nearest family and federal courts are located.

NSW Attorney General Mark Speakman is not exactly rushing to fix a situation that will get worse because of the massive population growth taking place in the region and which will continue for another 30 years.

He has recently announced that the Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ) was working on a review regarding the feasibility of a major justice precinct for South West Sydney.

Ostensibly such a facility would be located in Campbelltown, which has regional city status.

In the meantime, the natives are getting restless and hitting out at the apparent lack of action from Macquarie Street.

The natives include members of the local legal fraternity who are caught up at the coalface of a court system overwhelmed by the demand on clearly insufficient judicial resources.

Joining their calls for action this week were local MP Greg Warren and the Campbelltown mayor George Brticevic, pictured below.

Mr Warren says upgrades and a makeover to increase capacity were a must while Cr Brticevic said the addition of a federal and family court were also desperately needed.

“Our region is lacking a family court to service a growing population in the south west and Macarthur region,’’ says Cr Brticevic.

“A multi jurisdictional court precinct would boost local jobs and access to justice services in the metropolitan city centre of Macarthur.

“A federal family court in Campbelltown would ease the burden on families who are forced to travel to Parramatta for family court matters, adding further stress to an already difficult situation.”

Mr Warren called on the state government stop stalling on the project.

“The state government has been acutely aware of the dire situation at Campbelltown Court House for years but has failed to adequately address the issue,’’ he said.

“In the interests of all parties – particularly victims – the justice system needs to be swift, efficient and effective.

“The court house is being overwhelmed yet the Attorney General and his NSW Liberal-National colleagues refuse to address the issue.

“The state government needs to stop stalling on this project and make sure the court house is adequately equipped to meet the community’s needs and expectations – now and in the future,” Mr Warren said.

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