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Labor plan for better internet connectivity in Macarthur

Local MP Dr Mike Freelander says Labor’s plans to fix the National Broadband Network [NBN] and improve internet connectivity will be a massive boost to the Macarthur region.

He says Labor’s plan, which would be implemented if they win the next election due in May, will boost fibre access in Macarthur and offer residents who rely on copper wire with the choice of having optical fibre connected to their home, if they want faster speeds than the copper network can deliver.

“Reliable, quality, high speed internet is not a luxury; it is a necessity in the twenty-first century,” Dr Freelander said.

“Today, Labor is announcing a $2.4 billion commitment to expand fibre access for 1.5 million homes and businesses across the nation.”

Suburbs such as Rosemeadow, Bradbury, St Helen’s Park, Ingleburn, Eagle Vale and Airds are among those that could benefit from Labor’s plan to push fibre into outer suburbs, and among those that are presently being left behind by the Morrison Government.

Labor has also announced their commitment to keep the National Broadband Network in public ownership, in order to focus on improving the network and to keep prices affordable.

“There is much work to be done to repair the NBN,” Dr Freelander said.

“Privatising the NBN, as the Liberals plan to do, would be a bad outcome for Australian families and businesses.

“Keeping the NBN in public ownership provides Australians with the certainty needed to ensure that we can get on with the job of repairing the Coalition’s bungled multi technology mess.’’

Australia presently ranks 58th in the world for average broadband speeds, and is ranked 32 out of 37 nations in the OECD.

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