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Anger over intermodal stage 3 plans

Intermodal activist John Anderson has called on the state government to extend the exhibition period for stage three of the project.

Submissions close in just six days on May 27 and Mr Anderson says that’s just not good enough for local residents who have not had a reasonable opportunity to become aware of the exhibition.

The Wattle Grove resident says the process is obviously flawed and unfair.

“It is the lowest of low to put this project on exhibition when residents are still in lockdown,’’ he says.

“The exhibition was never advertised properly and with the libraries closed made it even harder for locals to know about it and make submissions.’’

On exhibition is an Environmental Impact Statement which has been prepared on behalf of Sydney Intermodal Terminal Alliance (SIMTA) to accompany a State significant development application for the proposed Moorebank Precinct West Stage 3 development.

Artist’s impression of the intermodal when completed.

Stage 3 work includes subdivision of the site to create nine allotments to separate the intermodal freight terminal and warehousing and establishing a biodiversity conservation allotment.

Mitigation works for potential noise, dust, weed, biodiversity, soil and water management impacts will be implemented across the site, according to the plan on exhibition.

Mr Anderson says there are plenty of reasons to oppose stage 3 of the intermodal site, which is located on Moorebank Avenue.

He argues that the site is within the catchment of the fastest growing area in Australia and traffic is gridlocked 24/7.

It is also one of the most flood prone parts of Sydney.

The area has major health problems with the highest number of residents with diabetes and a five percent higher mortality rate than other parts of the metropolitan area.

“There are more than 27 threatened and endangered species living in the area, including koalas, which would be at greater risk if the work goes ahead,’’ Mr Anderson said.

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