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Infrastructure boom attracting investors to our new suburbs

South West Sydney’s future infrastructure hotspots such as the Aerotropolis, Western Sydney International Airport, Camden Medical Campus and Sydney Science Park are already attracting new investors to the region.

This multi-billion dollar funding injection towards infrastructure projects in this region is laying solid foundations for the future growth and prosperity of Greater Sydney. 

Growing greenfield suburbs such as Gledswood Hills, Oran Park, Gregory Hills and Leppington are all within a 10 to 20 kilometre radius of the infrastructure hotspots and are already benefiting from this massive funding boost.

“The South West is igniting Sydney’s future growth,’’ says Craig Barnes, sales and marketing manager at Sekisui House.

“Investment dollars being poured into the region solidifies its future growth, particularly in suburbs located within close proximity to key infrastructure hot spots,’’ he said.

“It is anticipated that much of Sydney’s growth activity within the next 10 years will be concentrated in the Western Sydney region, particularly greenfield developments with land availability. They are fast becoming destinations of choice for Sydney home buyers.

“A broad range of affordable opportunities currently offer investors an attractive buying proposition within these developing suburbs prior to them becoming established.

 “Lifestyle opportunities, future growth and connectivity makes suburbs such as Gledswood Hills (pictured) an appealing investment proposition.”

According to Ernst and Young research, construction of Western Sydney International Airport alone is expected to generate an additional $1.9 billion in value-add for the Western Sydney economy.

The airport will be a catalyst for employment in the region, with 11,346 jobs needed during the construction phase.

By 2031, almost 28,000 jobs will be needed at the airport and in the surrounding area.

 “Expected job creation will further drive demand for homes in the region,’’ says Michelle Nash, executive property manager with Professionals Narrellan, who manage property for investors in several of the South West’s infrastructure hot spot regions.

“Market prices and rental vacancies are already very low when compared to the North West growth areas,’’ Ms Nash said.

“Gledswood Hills for example, has a relatively low percentage of rental properties due to a high uptake of owner occupiers.

“This is an alluring proposition for savvy tenants and in turn makes the area an enticing option for investors.”

According to population, the South West is expected to be the fastest growth region in Sydney, with large population increases in a number of local government areas.

The largest increases in this region are expected in Liverpool, Camden and Wollondilly.

 “Affordability has always been the key to invest in the region as the South West is one of the most reasonably priced areas in the Sydney basin,’’ Ms Nash said.

“Upgraded roads such as Narellan Road and Camden Valley Way as well as the new rail line through to Leppington have made the area more accessible.

“Investors are coming into the region from all parts of Sydney for the solid rental returns.

“Return on investment as a percentage and lower house prices to move into the market makes this region very appealing to investors.

“The main requirements for property investors are affordability, infrastructure and a growing population. The South West region ticks all of those boxes.

“More infrastructure is coming over the next 25 years with major rail and airport projects and available land is increasing in developing suburbs.

“Families are being drawn to these types of suburbs because they are not as busy as inner-city suburbs.”

The latest statistics from ANZ Bank forecasts Sydney property prices to return to positive territory with around four per cent growth in 2020.

August and Annamarie D’Souza currently live in The Hermitage, Gledswood Hills and recently purchased an investment property in the master planned community.

“We wanted to set ourselves up for the future as well as our two young children. The growth in the South West now and in the future as well as accessibility to Western Sydney International Airport appealed to us,’’ August said.

“Schools, shops, parks and the open spaces for recreational activities are all close by.  We don’t need to travel, everything is here.

“This area suits our needs and will also entice many other families too as the region expands.

“Purchasing in this area is our retirement plan.”

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