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Hurlstone, motor registries gone, but we will get to vote soon

Watching NSW sport minister Stuart Ayres on Wednesday in Ingleburn I just couldn’t help pondering the irony of the situation.

Here was a westie – Ayres is the member for Penrith – making a big deal out of a $100,000 grant.

The project, building modern facilities at Memorial Oval where cricket is played is actually worth a lot more, with Campbelltown City Council stumping up most of it at $1.1 million.

Where’s the irony?

Well, the $100,000 looks like peanuts when stacked against the billions the state government is spending to knock down and rebuild two good stadiums.

And it sort confirmed in my mind that under this government the big end of town gets the goldmine and we get the shaft.

What really gets my goat is that if this mob had any brains they could easily spend $200 million less on the two knock down-rebuilds.

Then $50 million each could have been allocated towards local stadiums such as Brookvale Oval, Penrith, Campbelltown and Kogarah Oval.

This would have meant so called suburban grounds could have been upgraded to ensure a better experience for local fans.

The reality is not all big sports events can be held in the major stadiums, so why not use some taxpayers’ money where most taxpayers live.

And then there’s their downright refusal to include a children’s intensive care unit as part of Campbelltown Hospital’s redevelopment.

Giving us the crumbs or the leftovers is just one stupid decision I hope comes back to bite this government on the backside when it faces the people next March.

The last time this government did anything good for us was the day after they got elected way back in 2011 and Barry O’Farrell made it free entry to the Mt Annan botanic garden.

This week’s Top 5 looks at some of poor decisions they have made:

Number 1. Taking Hurlstone Agricultural High School (left) from us after promising not to.

Number 2. But that’s alright, they will sell the land for housing to add to the urban splatter.

Number 3. Local motor registries. Closing them was right up there.

Number 4. Locating the Service NSW centre in Gregory Hills? Beggars belief.

Number 5. Building the south west rail line but not providing anywhere near enough commuter carparking at Leppington and Edmondson Park.








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