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How I got Pauline Hanson to do a 40 minute radio interview

From 9am and until noon on Wednesdays TREVAR LANGLANDS presents the Arts and Entertainment Show on Macarthur community radio station100.3FM. The usual fare is music, book and movie reviews, poetry and interviews. Here he explains how he recently managed to get none other than Pauline Hanson as a guest on his show:

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Pauline Hanson for the first time.

Although I am a Queenslander and originally from the same area Pauline lives, we had not met before.

My sister lived very near her at one stage and were regular customers to her fish shop in Ipswich 

As a hairdresser was next door my sister at times found herself sitting next to Pauline getting her hair done.

I found out that at some stage and for some years Pauline’s grandparents lived in the same town that mine did.

That is about 40 minutes from Pauline and her property today, and although all have moved since the fish shop days they are still only about 20 minutes from each other. 

Broadcasting coup: local radio legend Trevar Langlands with Pauline Hanson.

Meeting up with Pauline a few weeks ago I asked if we could do an interview, but I said to her: “I do not want to do a political Interview, I want to chat to the woman behind the headlines- what you do away from politics, what you read, what you cook, your favourite places, do you have a health regime, about your early days in your dad’s café and so on’’.

And so we did, a 40 minute chat which was received extremely well by my listeners, not just locals but people from Southern Highlands to Byron Bay.

To me it was a broadcasting coup for 100.3FM.

So many people have exclaimed to me what a different person Pauline is to how they imagined and what an interesting person she is.

One really interesting thing she told me was about her grandfather who was at Gallipoli, was shot and his life was saved by a Turkish doctor after he had crawled over bodies looking for water.

Had that not happened she said there would have been no Pauline. 

I felt honoured that Pauline was so gracious to spend such time with me as we had a great time and a few good laughs as well.

I feel most grateful I had that opportunity and Pauline later thanked me saying she really enjoyed it and no one had done anything like that with her before. 

I have been asked several times if i could repeat it, and I intend to do that.

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