Housing targets: mayor reminds Minns of infrastructure crisis

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Infrastructure must come before development – it’s as simple as that as far as Wollondilly Mayor Matt Gould is concerned.

Reaffirming council’s position was Mayor Gould’s  response yesterday to the Minns Government’s announcement of $200 million for councils that meet and beat new housing targets.

Mayor Gould says Wollondilly is already going above and beyond to support the NSW Government in its push to address the housing crisis.

The new five year housing target for Wollondilly is 5,500, set on the basis that around 90 percent of this is already in the system to be delivered.

“Building thriving communities relies on an effective partnership between local, state and federal government,” says Mayor Gould.

“I’m pleased the NSW Government has responded to our calls for housing to be focussed on our growth areas and other existing areas of Sydney.

“Wollondilly can continue to deliver on our promises and play our part in addressing the housing crisis by providing homes in our growth area at Wilton, but we will only be able to do this if our area gets the right funding and infrastructure from developers and the State Government now.

“Over the past decade Wollondilly has done more than its fair share of heavy lifting on housing supply. We are one of very few councils that exceeded our five-year housing target of 1,550 dwellings between 2016 and 2021,’’ he said.

“I have been clear in my calls over the past couple of years – there might be a housing crisis, but in Wollondilly Shire we have an infrastructure crisis.’’

Pictured above is an artist impression of Wilton Greens.

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