Special speeds for special needs: Fastlane Karting’s new time slot

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Dean Choma and Mark Keaton are so pumped about plans for a regular inclusive day at Fastlane Karting they even squeezed into a kart for our photographer to promote it.

Mr Choma, at right, is the owner of the popular go-karts circuit located off Swettenham Road, Minto.

Mr Keaton, who was born with cerebral palsy, is a proud Campbelltown resident whose passion is giving back to the community.

The pair have known each other for a while, so when feedback was received at Fastlane Karting pointing to the need for a regular inclusive time slot it was a natural move to seek Mr Keaton’s involvement.

He jumped at the opportunity.

“Dean asked me to come on board for this Special Speeds for Special Needs and I just said, let’s do it,’’ he says.

“Giving back to the community of Campbelltown is something I’ve always wanted to do, and helping those people with disability who are missing out on activities like this is just great.’’

The interest is so great that even before it has launched the Speeds for Special Needs time slot has grown.

Mr Choma explains: “With the interest we’re getting, and Mark’s come back with a couple of the NDIS providers, we were asked what we were doing about the age category.

“So it looks like we’re going to have two age categories, of two hours each, 10-12 and 12-2, on Wednesdays.

“Mark will be there on the day, to help them into the pit lane, talk them through the process to ensure they have a safe and enjoyable time on the go-karts here at Fastlane,’’ he said.

Speaking of safety, the name of the session, Special Speeds for Special Needs is more than a slogan.

“We have control of the karts and how fast they go,’’ says Mr Choma.

An information day will be held on site at Fastlane Karting on Wednesday, June 19, from 10am.

The aim is to explain the concept to organisations involved with people of special needs, including those delivering NDIS services.

For anyone interested in attending, please email kiosk@fastlanekarting.com.au to register your attendance.

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