Household chores to fight over

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household choresThis week we take a slightly cheeky look – in other words business as usual – at the Top 5 household chores. We will number them one to five but not in a meaningful way, so we’ll let you decide if number one or five is the worst one for you:

 Number 1: Mowing the lawns. That’s probably the easiest chore around the house, except at certain times of the year when you sweat just thinking about doing the lawns. But two things act as motivation: Taking a nice, long look at your beautifully cut lawn, especially if you went the extra yard and did the edges as well. It looks great, doesn’t it? And the second is that cold beer you’ve earned and which goes down without touching the sides, so you have to have a second one to enjoy more slowly. Cheers.

 Number 2: Painting. Artists with a paint brush we ain’t but what really annoys most of us is the preparation. I’ll mention just one word: wallpaper. You can never get it off completely, no matter what removal product you use. And, in any case, by the time the preparation is done you feel like you desperately need a week’s rest and recreation in Fiji. Which is a shame, because the painting bit is actually the easiest part.

 Number 3: Taking the dog for a walk. Or dogs if you keep multiple versions of man’s best friend at your place. The degree of difficulty of course depends on the breed of the beast, but the truth is most get so excited to be out and about they are very hard to handle. Put it this way, it’s not much of an enjoyable walk for the human master.

 Number 4: The ironing is a curious one, personally. I have quite a few male friends who say they not only do the ironing but that they also enjoy it. Sick puppies, in my humble opinion, and they are lucky they are still my friends. Women do love men who do the ironing so there’s a clue right there, maybe. Me I’m just hopeless at it, that’s my excuse.

 Number 5: Cleaning the bathroom. Well, there are millions of men stampeding and shoving each other out of the way to get to the bathroom to clean it up. Not! And guilty as charged, Your Honour. Just can’t bring myself to do it, so that’s a real source of friction at the Kentlyn Kompound. Sorry. If the wife ever stops doing the cleaning of said bathrooms, I will just pay someone to come in and do it. You gotta draw the line somewhere.








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