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Patiently waiting for the time it’s safe to hug the grandkids

It feels like we’ve been in lockdown for an eternity. But when you think about it it’s been barely a little over a month since we were told to stay home to save lives. Each day since then has seemed to have lasted for a lot longer than usual as we eagerly consumed as much news of how the virus was going as we could.

There was much more than we could handle, what with Covid updates from every state and territory here in Australia before we even looked at how other countries were faring.

Five or six weeks later we’re still doing that but we’re not obsessing about it as much as we did in the final two weeks of March and the first two weeks in April.

It probably means the great majority of us has come to accept the real and present danger posed by this virus and we will patiently wait for it to pass.

So much so that we no longer need to be reminded ad nauseam by state premiers, chief ministers, health ministers and chief medical officers and their deputies that we have still a problem and to be extra careful.

We get it, OK?

It feels so bizarre at times you start to wonder if they are talking to the 90 percent of normal, law abiding citizens or the nutters who are protesting against the restrictions or those who claim it’s all a conspiracy.

But we don’t mind too much and in any case we the majority are spending our down time thinking about what we will do when we decide it’s safe to venture out once again.

And do some of the things we haven’t be able to do for a while.

Here’s our Top 5 things we will do when it’s safe to do so:

Number 1. Hug the grandkids – have missed them so much.

Number 2. Catch up with the grandkids’ parents – our children – missed them almost as much as the grandkids…

Number 3. Friends are next on the list. Just talking on the phone, even if it’s a video call, is not the same as meeting in a restaurant to share a meal, some wine and many, many stories.

Number 4. Once we are allowed, plan trips to bushfire affected towns along the NSW South Coast to help boost their economies a little bit.

Number 5. Again when it’s safe to do so, domestic holiday trips somewhere in Australia, for the same reason as Number 4.

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