Graham Hood’s post pandemic caravan rolls into town

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One of the most interesting things about the crowd that turned up at Graham Hood’s Unity Tour event today at Koshigaya Park, Campbelltown was that 90 percent were women.

While listening to the former Qantas pilot’s wide ranging two hour sermon I had plenty of time to count the number of people there.

And if I include Mr Hood and his wife, who was sitting behind him while he spoke into the microphone, there were, all up, 77 people in attendance.

There were some familiar faces, including Mr Hood’s fellow traveller John Larter, the Tumut paramedic (pictured below) who refused to be vaccinated and is now on board the campaign to wake up those ”who are still asleep” about what really happened during the pandemic.

More on that later, because what stood out today was the presence of so few men.

And this became more even interesting when Mr Hood, in the second hour of his speech, presented his theory on why men could no longer be men the way they used to be.

He talked about men who walk away from their families, and he blamed the industrial revolution for initiating this profound cultural change.

He also described a scene from the Hollywood film Rob Roy, in which the father explained to his son what honour meant.

Mr Hood seemed to be suggesting new fangled industries needing manpower took the men away from the villages so there were no males there at the point where boys needed to be guided to manhood.

There was a lot of more of that as well as much about Mr Hood himself, and how he was about to take his own life in 2006 – he had set a date for it in August of that year.

On his last flight with Qantas, to Perth, “42,000 feet above the Nullabor, I met the most beautiful woman I had ever seen,’’ he said today at Koshigaya Park.

“After talking to each other for a few minutes we fell in love with each other,’’ Mr Hood said.

“It occurred to me the hand of God had touched me up there above the Nullabor, and said, Graham, you have things to do.’’

The first hour of his address was about the business of the pandemic, mandated vaccinations and the rest of it.

Mr Hood told the crowd at Koshigaya Park that righting the wrongs of what the governments of Australia did during the pandemic was unfinished business.

What we want, he said, is to open the borders, and never close them again, an end to the mandates, save our children, and a royal commission into the pandemic.

But he pledged that he supported a united approach in achieving these goals.

“There’s people in this crowd who are vaccinated and they have as much right to be here as we do,’’ he said.

“We’re about ending segregation in this country, not creating another division.

“The Unity tour is about bringing us all together, we’re done with division, and segregation in this country.

“This pandemic rubbish is going to burn itself out, it’s already collapsing, so we need to be ready, and grow in numbers.’’

2 thoughts on “Graham Hood’s post pandemic caravan rolls into town”

  1. Thanks for the story Eric. Hoody for PM !
    I note One Nation Party is pushing for a Royal Commission for the covid pandemic. NSW State Election 25 March 2023 Lets use our vote wisely, our kids are depending on it ! Remember a no vote = a vote for the existing Govt.

  2. Thanks for covering this Eric. It’s certainly a divisive subject in our community.
    I believe that there are many questions that need to be and should be asked.
    Graham Hood is right in calling for a Royal Commission.


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