Five point checklist for safe motoring

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holdenserviceWarmer weather, spring sunshine and clear, dry roads always offer encouragement to get out on the road for a drive, whether it’s a solo cruise in the country or a day out with the family.

So it pays to ensure your car is always running at its best to keep you and your passengers safe and sound.

It’s also important to ensure that your Holden is delivering the optimum levels of performance and efficiency.

To that end, here are Holden’s five key components that you should check regularly to make sure your Holden is delivering the drive it should.

Tyres are among the most important, so be sure to check your pressures and tread wear regularly. Tread wear indicators are located between the treads and if they are showing, it’s time for new tyres.

Oil is essential for lubrication of your engine so the level should be checked weekly. First, ensure the car is on flat ground and the engine is warm, then proceed to pop the bonnet, wipe the dipstick clean, pop it back in all the way and check the level.

Clear vision is imperative for safe driving and if you notice smearing when you use the windscreen wipers, they may need cleaning or the rubber may have worn to the point where replacement blades are necessary.

Effective braking is obviously vital for the safe performance of your car and if the brake pedal feels spongy or too hard, you should check the brake fluid level in the reservoir in the engine bay and top it up as necessary. If you hear a squealing sound or unusual vibrations when you apply the brakes, then the issue may be more substantial and a visit to your local Holden dealer is called for.

You should also check all your lights regularly, including headlights, tail lights, stop lights, reversing lights or turn signals to ensure the safety of yourself and other road users.


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