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Expenditure of more than $300m in Camden Council budget

Camden Town Centre upgrade stages 3-4 have  been allocated $6.95 million in next year's council budget.

Camden Town Centre upgrade stages 3-4 have been allocated $6.95 million in next year’s council budget.

More than $177 million for capital works projects, including almost $70 million for roads, $37 million for community facilities and public libraries and $32 million for parks and playgrounds are included in next year’s Camden Council budget.

Almost half of the infrastructure delivered in the budget will be provided by developers as part of planning agreements with council to provide roads, footpaths, community facilities and public spaces in new development areas such as Leppington, Spring Farm and Catherine Field.

The draft 2018/19 operational plan (budget) outlines the expenditure of more than $305 million across the Camden Council area, which includes $121 million for operational projects and services delivered by Council and $148 million worth of works in kind by agreement with developers.

“As home to the fastest growing population in Australia, we are working to create a truly liveable region that supports the physical and social needs of our residents and provides accessible and considered infrastructure,” says Mayor Lara Symkowiak.

“While it is important that we build new and well-planned facilities to support community growth, we are equally focussed on the upgrade and renewal of existing public amenities for the benefit of everyone,” Cr Symkowiak said.

“This draft budget fulfils the strategic commitment of Council to work with the community to create an enriched and connected community in a sustainable and constructive way,” she said.

Council has allocated additional funding to resource additional maintenance of open spaces and public facilities, including an increase of:

  • $400,000 in parks and playground maintenance ($7.8 million total p.a.)
  • $900,000 in library services ($3.1 million total p.a.)
  • $500,000 in community facilities ($4.1 million total p.a.)
  • $200,000 in recreation facilities ($4.4 million total p.a.)
Camden mayor Lara Symkowiak.

Camden mayor Lara Symkowiak.

An additional 16.6 additional positions have been proposed for inclusion in the budget, which are considered high priority to maintain a consistent service level to the community in areas like cleanliness and maintenance of parks and reserves, project management, waste management and customer service.

Projects identified for completion in the financial year include:

  • Harrington Park youth facility – $1.14 million
  • Sedgewick Reserve youth facility – $1.36 million
  • Curry Reserve water play facility – $2.4 million
  • Camden Town Centre Upgrade stages 3-4 – $6.95 million
  • Design upgrade of Ingleburn Road, Rickard Road and Edmondson Avenue, Leppington – $2.9 million
  • Camden Valley Way/Macarthur Road, Elderslie intersection upgrade – $4.96 million
  • Graham Hill Rd/Richardson Rd, Narellan upgrade – $3.57 million

Some of the councillor community projects identified for funding this financial year include the Narellan sports hub rugby league facility ($90,000) and Jack Nash Reserve, Currans Hill carpark ($145,000).

The draft 2018/19 Camden Council operational plan and 2017/18-2020/21 revised delivery program are on exhibition until June 19.

They can be viewed at the council administration building, Oran Park and Camden and Narellan libraries or online at

3 Responses to Expenditure of more than $300m in Camden Council budget

  1. Joshua Leys June 4, 2018 at 4:00 pm #

    A new AFL facility???

  2. Chris Dutch van Luenen June 4, 2018 at 4:15 pm #

    Upgrade the Hospital

  3. Frank Ward June 4, 2018 at 4:27 pm #

    Reading this gives me a very strong impression that the Council has a very good idea of what makes a good community and is the complete opposite to what when on in the Council on which I served. I only hope that the great tide of people don’t overrun their plans. It is a pith that when you look down on the new estates all you see is roof tiles as the lots are so small

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