A proper rant about email, the killer app that’s killing us

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How do you start your business day? A walk to get a coffee to help you through the mountain of emails that just never seem to end; only to rinse and repeat again tomorrow. A thought provoking article from my friends at Real Time Minds on why email is killing us, with some suggestions on alleviating the pain.

http://www.realtimeminds.com/blog/email-killer-app-thats-killing-us/Email overload is sucking the life out of people. An inquisition of email and the evil beast it has become. Feeling overwhelmed by email releases chemicals in the body.

Email overload is sucking the life out of people. But this is not an article about “10 top tips to help you manage your email better”.  It’s going to be a proper rant. An inquisition of email and the evil beast it has become. If you enjoy a good rant and an opportunity to throw popcorn at the bad-guy up on screen, push on with me, dear reader.

Email Time-Outs.
Using The To And Cc Fields The Way Nature Intended.
Bullet-Point, Executive Summary
Focus On Generating Light, Not Heat.
3 Emails On The Same Subject = Automatic Meeting.
Collaboration Tools

Email use has other negative consequences for the working environment. Especially in the way it changes our behaviour. You’ve seen it a hundred times – people responding to an email with a level of aggression that they would never display in a face-to-face context. Many people become significantly more brave and ‘over the top’ when sitting behind a keyboard, and it creates arguments and friction that destroy productivity and morale.

I use a combination of Slack for my collaboration tool of choice and Signals by Hubspot to manage my email.

Original Author: Geoff Nix

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