Good news for local families: Dumaresq St cinema to stay open

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The “people’s cinema’’ in Dumaresq Street will not be closing down after all.

After weeks of negotiations with Campbelltown Council, a new operator has come on board to take the reins over from the Moore family in the next few weeks.

It is believed the new operators signed a five year lease.

On May 26, the South West Voice revealed that after more than 40 years of offering an affordable cinema experience to local families, the operators wanted to get out of their lease with council.

The reason was simple: they were losing money and had had enough.

The story caused an incredible media storm.

Hundreds of readers posted comments after the story was published, while thousands reacted to the news on social media.

With very few exceptions, they had one simple message for Campbelltown City Council: don’t let the Dumaresq Street Cinema close down.

Incredibly, the same message has continued to be made by readers of the Voice, with one arriving just last week.

It is believed the pressure form the public ensured efforts were made to find a new operator.

It was not an easy process, and indeed one potential operator dropped out of the negotiations at a late stage.

There is speculation there may be a small increase, but either way Dumaresq Street will continue to be the most affordable cinema in the region.

An official media release will be issued tomorrow (Monday) by the new operators.

The late Campbelltown businessman Ron Moore took it over after council, which had been the original operators of the cinema, closed it because it had been losing money during the recession of the late 1980s.

It was originally opened as Dumaresq Street Twin Cinema in 1981.

Mr Moore, a Campbelltown community legend who also operated the Minto hardware opposite the railway station, reopened it as a three screen cinema.

Members of his family have been running the cinema since his passing, but now the Moore era is about to come to an end.

8 thoughts on “Good news for local families: Dumaresq St cinema to stay open”

  1. It would be ideal if the new era was made successful by offering a point of difference other than price. Is Macarthur ready to support a cinema which offers independent movies, differing from the same family blockbusters also screening everywhere else?

    • No, we want to watch the very same blockbusters shown at big franchises but at a reasonable price. For the price of one adult ticket at Event Cinemas, I can take 4 people with me instead at Dumaresq Street Cinemas.

    • I agree there should be a point of difference and independent cinema or world cinema would be a great addition. If you want to see quality cinema, you have to go into the city.
      One thing I will say though, everyone is a “supporter” when something’s going to close, but if they were regular supporters, it probably wouldn’t have to close. As Joni Mitchell said: “Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone.”

  2. Thank God, our prayers have been answered! This cinema is a historic treasure of the campbelltown area. Families & individuals doing it tough financially can still enjoy a break at the cinema without breaking the bank here. I hope the price rice is marginal. Other major cinemas are not reasonable with their prices. But I am happy to support this small cinema no matter what. The kids love it & so do I. It has an old charm to it just the way it is.

  3. We have been solid patrons of this theatre since moving to this area in 1992 and has so many happy memories for myself and my children. I love that my grandchildren can continue to grow happy memories here too and I get to share them.
    The idea of Independent movies showing here is a great idea and I am sure it would bring many more people in also showing cult movies and the old movie lockdowns would be great for bringing in audiences. A blast from the past. Just an idea.
    Thank you for saving our Cinema.

  4. I started going to Dumeresq St Theatre when I moved to area in 1987, and have continued to be a patron of cinema first with my children & later with my granddaughter, whom I raised now 25 yrs old, and continue to go ther with my husband also since we retired last yr. I am pleased that such an ICON will remain open to support families doing it tough now & in the future.


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