The end is nigh for Dumaresq Street ‘people’s cinema’

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After more than 40 years of showing movies at incredibly affordable prices, Dumaresq Street Cinema is coming to the end of the road.

The current operators are in talks with the owner of the site, Campbelltown City Council, seeking to get out early from the current lease.

Sources have told the South West Voice the cinema could show its last movie in about a month or so.

The complex first opened as Dumaresq Street Twin Cinema in 1981.

Mr Movies himself Bill Collins made the trek to Campbelltown to do the official honours alongside then mayor Guy Thomas.

That great Australian classic, Gallipoli, which was released that year, was shown on both screens as part of the official opening.

The cinema was run by council until it fell into hard times during the recession of the late 1980s.

It was closed for some time until it was taken over and operated – as a three screen cinema – by the great Campbelltown community man Ron Moore and his family.

Mr Moore, who was also known for the famous Minto hardware store, had a community centre in Minto named after him by Campbelltown Council.

In the next three decades Dumaresq Street Cinema became known as the people’s cinema because of the cheap prices compared to other theatres in Campbelltown, which charged almost three times as much per ticket.

“We have the lowest movie ticket prices on offer in the whole of Sydney.’’ That’s a phrase everyone in Campbelltown who has been to Dumaresq Street Cinema knows by heart.

Unfortunately, all things come to an end and now it seems like Dumaresq Street Cinema could be next.

The South West Voice contacted the cinema operators for comment, speaking to one member of the Moore family.

He was – understandably – reluctant to go on the record and confirm the imminent demise of what has been a Campbelltown institution for more than 40 years.

41 thoughts on “The end is nigh for Dumaresq Street ‘people’s cinema’”

  1. Please, please, do not remove this beautiful cinema; it helps so many with the cost of living – the only joy in our life.

    • I can remember when the cinema did not operate A lot of kids never got to go to the cinema as the large cinemas are too expensive for a family to attend

    • Save this cinema please. There is nothing more iconic in Campbelltown and such a good operation for families in this area. Come on Campbelltown!

  2. I really do hope that Campbelltown, including our surrounding areas are lucky enough to have someone takeover.
    We really need this cinema in our community.
    The continued rises in costs of living over the years, even more so now, this is one place that families have some hope of time out together as a family, because of their cheaper prices to see a movie and also their snack bar.
    Birthday days out too.

    C”mon Campbelltown
    Especially school holidays!

  3. The cinemas are great for families who want to take the kids out to the movies without having to pay a small fortune

  4. Please try and save this cinema.
    If it wasn’t for this cinema my children would not have had the pleasure of going to movies when they were young.
    As a sole parent I couldn’t afford to take them elsewhere and since then whenever I wanted to watch a movie this is the only cinema myself and now my adult children visit with their families.
    Please save the cinema!

  5. I can’t believe this is happening to such an innocent place in our city of Campbelltown.
    It would be a shame for it to close down.
    It’s the only reasonable priced cinema where l have taken my children when they were younger as l was on a very low income.
    I am now on a pension and take my grandchildren to this cinema.
    This cinema is very important to the people of Campbelltown as most people are struggling and need cheap entertainment.
    My grandchildren get very excited when nanny takes them to the cinema to watch a movie. This will no longer happen if it closes down as the other cinemas are way too expensive for me.

  6. Being a grandmother with 10 grandkids and 4 great grandkids it is the only cinema I can take my kids to that I can afford. Please don’t take away one of the only outings affordable to my kids and myself.
    We are not getting many pleasures in life at the moment.
    Don’t take this away too

  7. I would rather go to this cinema than anywhere else. It’s affordable, cosy and family friendly. Please don’t close.

  8. The local government needs to take over as they had done before. This can’t go. It was affordable for all. As a family that go to movies often we can’t afford to take all to the expensive ones.
    Someone save this icon

  9. We have used this cinema since we moved here 1995. It has been our go to while our family were growing.
    Still our go to once a week now we’re retired.
    Please save the cinema it is iconic in Campbelltown.

  10. Come on guys this is crazy. Tell me anywhere you can take yourself and kids for under $50.
    $50 is massive these days, especially with the cost of live only get high and high. This cinema was the only affordable entertainment option around.

    This was all my childhood, my first date was here in which the relationship is at 10 years now and we now have 3 boys who absolutely are in my ear to go to the cinema all the time (this one) as it’s all they have ever been taken to due to the affordable prices)
    My in-laws travel from Wetherill park to watch movies here as they refuse to watch movies anywhere else not only on price but to how much it is more intimate the experience is.

    There is nothing you can do or put in that spot that will bring justice to this undoing.

    I’m crying the only thing I see is you could upgrade the cinema, keep the prices and keep young youth working there and profits go to council or community in order to keep this here.

    Make the cinema a historic building because it will always go down as the best cinema within the surrounding areas that stood out.

    I’m so upset.

  12. I’m so sad to read this.
    If it wasn’t for this cinema, I would have never have had the chance to go to a cinema as kid. This is where so many families tske there kids to make memories. An iconic place in the Macarthur region, would be sadly missed.

  13. The cinemas has been a part of my life since the 80’s watching ET, Star Wars and Footloose!
    I remember when everyone stood up at the end of Footloose and cheered.
    Would hate to see the place close down, a lot of families are struggling.
    This is the 1 place that families can afford to take their kids and enjoy a day out.
    Please save Dumaresq St Cinemas!

  14. Don’t close the doors on a place that lets us all enjoy the movies at an affordable price. This place is so good for families

  15. In 2010 my son was preparing for a bone marrow transplant. He was about to go into hospital for his transplant, and Toy Story 3 was about to be released. He had total body radiation and couldn’t sit in a cinema with others as it could have been fatal. The beautiful family at Duneresq St Cinema came to the rescue. They gave us a private screening, snacks, and a tour of the cinema.

    It was the last movie my son saw at a cinema as unfortunately he passed away 5 months after his transplant.

    This cinema holds great memories for me taking my kids to the movies, but also for this very special gift to my son. He is no longer with us, but my love for this cinema and the Moore family that run it will stay close to my heart.

  16. Please keep this open. It’s one of the things that makes Campbelltown a great place to live and bring up a family. I remember being able to take my kids out for a great evening when we had almost nothing. This is a really important part of Campbelltown’s history and lifestyle.

  17. It will be a shame if this iconic cinema closes its doors. Surely there is some company out there that is ready for the challenge.

  18. I totally agree the local government needs to step in and help this cinema continue to provide a essential service to those who need it most . The elderly with special morning discounts . Families who simply cannot afford regular cinema rates . This is a family friendly venue which should continue on in its provision of quality and affordable entertainment. Every dollar counts for so many . Please help keep this cinema going .

  19. Why do you have to close a cinema that is catering and affordable to young children and pensioners who go to the movies to see great shows at a great price?

  20. I love having Dumeresq Street Cinema as part of our Campbelltown community. My children looked forward so much to receive their birthday tickets in the mail, such a special moment for them. It’s the only cinema we attend, and will be deeply saddened if it were to end. We need to preserve Dumeresq Street Cinema!

  21. These cinemas are one of the few attractions of Campbelltown. It would be a shame to see them go. Guess a trip to the movies is just going to be a memory soon. We’re losing amenity, local employment and entertainment and it would be a miracle if council could just spare a bit from the $31 million+ funding of the Billabong Swamp Project.

  22. I agree with Meredith Carpenter, this cinema was the best thing Campbelltown ever had.
    Always a good percentage of very low social- economical status persons for one reason or another would never have seen a movie if not for this cinema.

  23. Very sad news, I hope that somehow, someway this can still exist for families with low incomes to still afford an outing.

  24. Please keep this wonderful cinema open . We make a point of driving past 2 cinemas to come to Dumereque st cinema at Campbelltown, which has a wonderful vibe inside , it’s peaceful and magical. It’s not just the price but the warmth and atmosphere of this wonderful place x 🙏😊

  25. Please do not take this beautiful cinema away it is affordable and cheaper due to the cost of living. It has always been an iconic for Campbelltown and is actually only best thing still running for families and children

  26. Please do not shut down this cinema.
    With the cost of everyday items going through the roof this is the only bright light that shines in this area of Sydney.

  27. This place has been the heart of Campbelltown community forever. I remember this cinema helped us raise funds for an exchange trip to koshigaya Japan when I was in high school. So many fond memories. So much of campbelltown has changed but these cinemas have always been a constant in our community. Please do not take it away. So many people will be let down if you do

  28. As a Campbelltown Alderman/Councillor from 1983 to 2004, including four years as Mayor, I am saddened by the news that this example of what helped make Campbelltown a city of and for families, including those that were not so well off, looks like disappearing.
    It will be sad to see all the work put in since Ron Moore took over counting for nothing. While hurtful decisions are sometimes inevitable, it would be great to see this piece of Campbelltown’s history survive.
    Jim Kremmer

  29. This cinema brings people to Campbeltown thus bringing money to the area.
    My wife and I visit monthly, we have breakfast in a new place each time, usually outside the main shopping complex. We drive from Revesby. We then do our monthly shopping in the shopping centre. We follow this with a late lunch, again selecting somewhere new.. It is really great visiting the cuisine Campbelltown has to offer. So diverse it is so great.
    Shutting down this great cinema, which is an icon, will mean we and our grandchildren and other family members will no longer have the enticement to visit ever again. So many birthdays and family get-togethers destroyed.
    Let me guess the reason why – near the railway station so you can build high rise apartments.

  30. OMG please save our beloved cinema.
    Without it my kids would never have chance to watch movies due to ridiculous prices at other cinemas.
    Plus this place has many memories for me from my childhood. First saw the Dudley Moore Santa clause with my mum (RIP) and sister back in the mid/ late 80’s. So many movies, so many memories. To this day it has been and always will be part of history in campbelltown for myself and surrounding communities.

  31. Please keep this beautiful little place open for all the parents and kids who live in the Campbelltown area so as parents can take their kids to see a movie at a very affordable price. I have been to the movies a number of times at the theatre and found it to be a very nice little place to go to. Thankyou


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