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Covidsafe app could be the key to ending isolation

It’s true that even some intelligent people have announced to the world they will not be downloading the Covidsafe app.

Well, there’s just one thing to say to them: if you’re so smart, how come now you’re in the same camp as village idiots like Barnaby Joyce and Pauline Hanson.

That’s right, the lunatic fringe of Australian politics, which for some reason is still given a platform to air their conspiracy theories.

But back to the app and why every one of us should download it asap.

For starters, this is modern technology at its best, being used to save lives.

That’s because the app speeds up the current manual process of finding people who have been in close contact with someone with Covid-19.

This means you’ll be contacted more quickly if you are at risk. This reduces the chances of you passing on the virus to your family, friends and other people in the community.

Remember, too, that state and territory health officials can only access app information if someone tests positive and agrees to the information in their phone being uploaded.

And, as well, the health officials can only use the app information to help alert those who may need to quarantine or get tested.

What really appeals about the app is that finding and containing outbreaks quickly will mean governments can ease restrictions a lot earlier than was thought possible.

It really is a no brainer going ahead and downloading it, knowing also that once this virus is completely gone or a vaccine is available you can delete the app from your smart phone.

There’s evidence all around us that more and more people are getting itchy feet as far as lockdown restrictions are concerned.

And that’s not just rugby league players being stupid.

The daily list from police media of public health order breaches is getting longer every day.

Truth is everyone wants to end this isolation sooner rather than later and this app, when you think about it, will speed things up.

And as for privacy, what privacy? Is there such a thing in our social media world?

I don’t think so.

Which is why I downloaded the app the minute it was available on Sunday night.

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