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Now just another covid statistic, but does anyone care?

Like most people, the pandemic has slowly been receding out of my memory in the past few months.

But here I am now, another covid statistic.

Yes, I tested positive this week.

After getting through a couple of horror nights and the beast settled down a bit, I couldn’t help looking up at the current situation with the virus that rocked the world these last couple of years and a bit.

I must confess I was bit shocked with what I found out, the numbers so high I reckon if they occurred in 2020 or 2021, we would have been begging for a lockdown to stop the spread.

Yesterday, 9136 people in our state tested positive to covid.

And almost 3500 people have died from covid in NSW so far this year.

I can’t help wondering who these poor people were and why covid stole their lives.

Were they unvaccinated, very old or had some health condition that put them at fatal risk?

Well, we don’t know, because the government has stopped telling us these details, which is wrong, wrong, wrong.

As for what it’s like having covid, well, my advice is, don’t get it.

It’s a lot like the flu, but, in my case anyway, 10 times worse.

Now I know what they meant those people who described it as having been hit by a truck.

But I am getting better, so thank God I am triple vaccinated, because I am certain that’s played a role in keeping me safe from the worse effects of the virus.

I have had a bit of time to think these past couple of days so I have some advice for our political masters.

The result is these Top 5 tips to the government on covid moving forward:

Number 1. Trust us with the number of cases, deaths and so on.

Number 2. An advertising campaign refresher on social distancing and other prevention methods wouldn’t hurt.

Number 3. A smart plan when masks can still be worn, further reducing the infection rates.

Number 4. Vaccines obviously work so why not another push in the next little while to increase rates.

Number 5. Just a wee reminder that we never want to see lockdowns ever again.

3 Responses to Now just another covid statistic, but does anyone care?

  1. Dr Denys Cato June 27, 2022 at 4:45 pm #

    It’s not over yet! It is not as bad as it was probably due to the response to vaccination availability. Without vaccination and due care then the death rate would be much MUCH higher.

  2. Nikki June 27, 2022 at 5:24 pm #

    What happens when people have caught Covid repeatedly? What kind of damage will be done to their immune systems and what effect will it have on their working life? The govt definitely needs to lift its game in raising awareness and stop pretending everything is normal.

  3. Beatrix June 27, 2022 at 9:01 pm #

    From what I have been reading, the 2 new variants spreading now might be as deadly as the Delta strain. I too am horrified the governments, both state and federal tell us nothing about the rise in cases and subsequent deaths. It is like people don’t matter…. Very sad. People should look at what is happening in the UK etc…

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