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Let’s be done with Covid-19 hot air on social media

Once a vaccine comes along there’s a good chance most people will snap back to the way they’ve always done things pre-Covid-19. It would have been better if this pandemic had never come along, but the fact is it has and it’s here to stay until the humans come up with an effective vaccine.

And while there have been sporadic attempts to discuss how we can all be better in a post-pandemic world, they have been swamped by the tsunami of hot headed arguments about the restrictions.

And the brutal arguments haven’t been just about the restrictions but how some of us are smarter or wiser than others.

Well, forgive me, but who died and made you an expert on viruses and pandemics?

We can argue the toss all day but the only experts are in our health systems across the country.

Not saying they’re perfect in their prescriptions and advice to the politicians, but it’s a simple fact they are the only people who have scientific knowledge in this area.

John The Gibberer on Twitter ain’t a virus or epidemic expert and nor is Mr and Mrs Smith on Facebook (apologies to anyone who actually uses those handles on social media).

Now that we got that straight, in my humble opinion (IMHO) we should just be talking about being better after the pandemic.

Better as individuals, as families, as friends, as communities, as cities and as a country.

Would love to see a civilised discussion on social media platforms about a better world ahead.

The first item on the agenda should be how to be better prepared for the next pandemic.

And who better to suggest new ideas on everything from restrictions to social distancing than we the people who are experiencing Covid-19.

Why wait for the inevitable royal commission, costing millions of dollars, to tell us what we already know.

But will we stop this madness of dismissing anyone whose views we don’t agree with and start a civilised conversation that will benefit all of us.

Fingers are crossed…

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