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Contractor gone, council takes on Macquarie Mall makeover

Macquarie Mall makeover

Council takes over project: The Macquarie Mall makeover project has been beset by delays.

Liverpool City Council CEO Carl Wulff has announced this afternoon that the agreement with Hargraves Urban to rebuild Macquarie Mall will cease.

He said council will take over the project in the short term.

“We felt that the best way forward for the people of Liverpool was for the council to take over the rebuilding of Macquarie Mall,” Mr Wulff said.

The South West Voice reported a month ago that the multi million dollar Macquarie Mall makeover project had been hit by delays of up to four weeks.

Mr Wulff has been personally checking the progress – or lack of it – over the past few weeks and a decision was made to change course.

The project, which could cost around $10 million, included ripping up existing pavers between Moore Street and Elizabeth Street and replacing them with some of the most expensive pavers available on the market.

As a result of the revamp, the Remembrance Day memorial has been taken down and will be eventually erected in a new location.

And the fountain near the children’s play area also got the axe in the redesign.

But council’s main concern is that the inconvenience suffered by shopkeepers who operate out of Macquarie Mall is kept as short as possible.

It is believed Mr Wulff is confident council can get the project schedule back on track.

No official reason was given for the termination of the agreement with Hargraves Urban, who were the successful tenderer for the job in 2015.




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