Community advocate wants to get elected to make bigger contribution

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Mayoral candidate Michael Andjelkovic says he’s shown you can achieve plenty of things for the community.

He points to his advocacy on issues such as extending the South West rail link from Leppington to the Western Sydney Airport and obtaining funding for a new primary School at Edmondson Park.

Mr Andjelkovic also lists helping to stop the closure of the intersection at Hoxton Park Road shops and three petitions for Gregory Hills Public School funding among his achievements as a community campaigner since 2018.

But he believes he can achieve even more if he wins his bid to be elected to Liverpool Council on December 4.

“As an independent community campaigner since March 2018 I have been able to work

with various groups in the Liverpool community and believe that I have achieved a lot,’’ he says.

“However, I have been limited in the decision making process of Liverpool Council by being an outsider.

“Being an independent councillor I believe that I can provide a more balanced approach to issues, and if elected I will continue to put Liverpool first.’’

Nepalese community leader Dipesh Chiluwal will be the lead candidate for the Andjelkovic Independent Group in south ward. (The two are pictured above).

Mr Andjelkovic is seeking election as councillor in the north ward, and is also in the race for mayor of Liverpool.

He said Dipesh Chiluwal, who has lived in Edmondson Park since early 2017, is involved in community work through different community organizations.

“Dipesh is a real community person who is

popular in Nepalese and South Asian communities and who will be an asset on Liverpool Council if elected.’’

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