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How about the most colourful election campaign in history

Some punters reckon this Saturday’s federal election campaign has been the most boring in living memory.

And there’s some truth in that, as you would expect.

As there is when the politicians declare – at every election and with a serious face – that it’s the most important one ever held.

One thing that’s totally true about this election is that it is very, very colourful.

So colourful you almost need sunnies watching the news every night.

Bright yellow T-shirts, thanks Clive, teal ones for the supporters of the so called climate independents, and green, red and blue for the Greens, Labor and Liberals respectively.

Almost forgot, orange for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation supporters.

How anyone can call an election with such colourful parades dull is beyond me.

Each to their own, I guess.

More seriously, though, there’s no doubt the major parties are losing support, which will mean that we’re headed for a hung parliament.

Long term, a well organised third party with policies that appeal may end up governing Australia one day.

But that historic day won’t be Sunday, May 22, 2022.

When it comes to One Nation, United Australia Party and some of the other pretenders, tell them they’re dreaming.

However, if they can offload some of their crazy ideas, adopt some sensible ones and get more candidates who can appeal to the mainstream, they may do something one day.

At the very least it will force the majors to reform themselves – in other words stop taking voters for granted.

Good luck with your vote on Saturday. In the meantime, check out our personal Top 5 election wish list – policies we would have loved to have seen from anybody:

Number 1. Decentralisation, where we have a plan to grow our regional towns instead of our big cities.

Number 2. As part of number one, a commitment to build a very fast train network within states and the country.

Number 3. Better internet connections: to achieve number one we have to do better than the mediocre service we get now. Achieve that and people can work from anywhere, making decentralisation possible.

Number 4. End urban sprawl, especially here in Sydney, as part of the above. Someone’s got to draw a line and say this far and no further. Then we wouldn’t need the rubbish about parkland, central and eastern cities within Greater Sydney.

Number 5. Everyone with a passport should get a two year rebate because they weren’t allowed to travel in 2020 and 2021 (yes, I have asked for this before, but no harm in trying again).

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  1. Maria May 23, 2022 at 11:01 am #

    Did you mean a hung Parliament or a minority government?

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