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Local MP comes to the aid of charities

Labor MP Anne Stanley says she supports the call from charities and non-profit organisations to stop changes to ACNC Regulations.

The federal member for Werriwa says the federal government is facing major opposition from charities, non-profits and churches as legislation is set to pass in parliament.

Ms Stanley claims that if it passed it will result in changes to ACNC (Australian Charities and Non-for-profits Commission) Regulations, permitting charities commissioner Gary Johns to strip the charitable status of organisations that criticise the government.

A review of the existing regulations around unlawful conduct recommended it should be scrapped.

However, with this new legislation the Morrison Government will drastically expand the scope of the activities these regulations could capture.

“Ever since they were elected, the Coalition has waged a war on Australian charities,’’ Ms Stanley said.

“The first set of changes made to charities by the government claimed they were cracking down on criminals disguised as charities.

“But in the past four years, just two out of 59,000 charities have been disqualified for breaking the law.

“These changes are merely new tools to shut down dissenting voices. The Morrison Government want charities to be seen, not heard.

“As well as this egregious proposition, Gary Johns, the charities Commissioner, has openly criticised important charities such as Beyond Blue and Recognise, and has even called Indigenous women cash cows.

“This is not somebody who should be in charge of what constitutes a charity, or any position of power.

“I stand with all charities, non-profits and churches in the call for an end to these regulations immediately.” Ms Stanley said.

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