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Exploding cat numbers force council to take action

According to the RSPCA there are almost 24,000 owned cats and between 10,000 and 20,000 unowned or semi owned cats in the Liverpool local government area.

With community concern around nuisance cats and uncontrolled cat populations on the rise, council says it will implement Urban Cat Management Plan 2021 to address the problem.

The plan provides a set of actions aimed at reducing cat roaming, soiling and noise complaints as well as promoting responsible pet ownership and improving the welfare of cats.

“Council recognises there are excessive numbers of stray cats and kittens as well as large numbers of owned and unregistered cats,’’ says Liverpool Mayor Wendy Waller.

“Undesexed cats are responsible for thousands of unwanted litters every year.’’

Under the NSW Companion Animals Act, cats can roam where they like, except in prohibited areas, which is why pet owners need to be mindful of the welfare of their pet and the impact their pet has on neighbours. 

The Urban Cat Management Plan explores ways council can support pet owners by facilitating desexing programs; offering free microchipping and vaccination events, creating awareness of responsible pet ownership and helping residents take care of their pets.

Key elements to the Urban Cat Management Plan include:

  • Desexing;
  • Education about containment and responsible pet ownership;
  • Identification and registration;
  • Educate the community and improve the welfare of humans and cats.

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