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Camden: small town to booming region in no time

Adriana Care remembers her father driving her to Camden for the first time.

“I’m thinking, where is he taking me, this looks like the middle of nowhere,’’ she said at last night’s launch of  a marketing video as part of a drive to bring more investment into Camden.

Ms Care, a lawyer, is the chairperson of the board of Camden Region Economic Taskforce (CRET), established almost two years ago to drive the push for more jobs in the Camden area.

The video launched last night at Camden Council chambers in Oran Park is the latest part of the campaign.

“My father said to me, Adriana, in a few years there will be houses all along here,’’ she said.

“And we are coming through Narellan, and there’s one or two houses, and then we reach Camden, and I see a few more little places.

“This is just the middle of nowhere, and I am a little kid, but my father was right, we have had amazing growth and there’s more to come,’’ Ms Care (pictured) said.

The population of Camden, currently just over 100,000, is forecast to be more than 250,000 in just 15 years.

Up to 80 new businesses come into the region every month but with the population boom on the way Camden Council and CRET are looking to increase the number of new local jobs.

The video focuses on the region’s investment potential, both present and future and its message is clear: Camden is open for business.

Key commercial and economic precincts, tourist attractions, connections with key neighbouring cities and gateways and natural assets are also featured.

Stuart Ayres, the NSW jobs, Investment, Tourism and Western Sydney minister also spoke at last night’s function.

Mayor of Camden, Cr Theresa Fedeli, said there were limitless opportunities across the Camden region.

 “The Camden region is just so special – it’s a dynamic, modern and urban place with a unique history and beautiful rural backdrop,” Cr Fedeli said. 

 “We’re seeing major government investment in infrastructure being rolled out across the Camden area, which means we’re more connected than ever.

 “And we’ve still retained a beautiful community feel.

 There’s so much culture and diversity here, complete with cafés, grower’s markets, playgrounds, busy retail, industrial and commercial hubs.

 “I’m so proud that the Camden community is one people want to be part of and this new video really shows that.”

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