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Top spot: Melanie Gibbons

There is a strong presence of No Land Tax candidates in south west Sydney electorates for the March 28 NSW state election.

Following the closing of nominations at noon last Thursday, returning officers in each electorate did the traditional ballot draw soon after.

Other than the No Land Tax involvement, the other notable point to emerge from the ballot draw was that there is almost a Melbourne Cup field in the seat of Macquarie Fields.

Labor’s Greg Warren has also won top spot in the Campbelltown electorate ballot paper.

And it includes a surprise: among the seven candidates is the recent former mayor of Campbelltown, Clinton Mead.

The Labor candidate for Campbelltown, Greg Warren, won top spot on the ballot, as did the sitting Liberal member, Melanie Gibbons, in Holsworthy, which is the new name for Menai. But they were the only two major party candidates to snare the important Number 1 spot on the ballot paper.

The No Land Tax candidates are Mario Tabone in Camden, former Western Suburbs Magpies development officer Chris Stephandellis in Campbelltown, Adrian Atelj in Holsworthy, Mick Pezzano in Liverpool, Antonetta Marra in Macquarie Fields and Maria Foia in Wollondilly.

Here is how the ballot will look like when you go into the polling booth on March 28:


SAJN Danica

BROADBRIDGE Colin (Fred Nile Group)
PATTERSON Chris (Lib, sitting MP)
TABONE Mario (Lo Land Tax)
CAGNEY Cindy (Labor)


WARREN Greg (Labor)

RAMSAY Sarah (Fred Nile)
DOYLE Bryan (Lib, sitting MP)
MORONEY Ben (Greens)


GIBBONS Melanie (Lib, sitting MP)

WESTERBERG Signe (Greens)
ATELJ Adrian (No Land Tax)
KALIYANDA Charishma (Labor)
MAKA Tony (Fred Nile)
BYRNE Michael


ATTIA Matt (Fred Nile)

HADID Mazhar (Lib)
PEZZANO Mick (No Land Tax)
LYNCH Paul (Labor, sitting MP)
BOSCH Andre (Greens)



FARMER Pat (Lib)
CHANTHIVONG Anoulack (Labor)
MEAD Clinton
MARRA Antonetta (No Land Tax)
BROWNLEE Mary (Greens)
RAMSAY John (Fred Nile)


PINSUTI Susan (Fred Nile)

ROWELL Jai (Lib, sitting MP)
DARLEY-JONES Patrick (Greens)
STYLES Lynette
O’BRIEN Ciaran (Labor)
FOIA Maria (No Land Tax)

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