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Thumbs up for back to basics approach of new mayor

The new mayor of Campbelltown seems to have his priorities right. Driving around the town it’s obvious George Greiss has gently put his foot down on the need to get cracking on some maintenance work.

An army of ride-on mowers and council workers with trimmers are out and about mowing nature strips, parks and reserves from Glenfield to St Helens Park.

We know from his first mayoral minute that Cr Greiss has been busy since being elected to our top job early in January.

And he could have started with any number of issues, but the fact that he’s taken the council back to basics is a very good sign.

It’s great to dream of big iconic projects, but unless you get the basics right first you’re no chance with the stuff that brings glory.

This applies to councils as much as any other organisation, big or small.

The question is what will Cr Greiss turn to next once maintenance is under control and no longer an issue.

Readers will have their own ideas, but here’s my Top 5 suggestions if I were advising the Campbelltown mayor.

Number 1: Ban spending on consultants for two years.

Number 2. Use the savings from number 1 to finance a Queen Street (pictured) marketing program as part of the renewal of our great old main street, working with shopkeepers and owners of buildings.

Number 3. Do whatever it takes to ensure Wests Tigers play most of their home games at Campbelltown; just like council did with Macarthur FC – which of course was a great decision.

Number 4. Review the operation of the Campbelltown arts centre, which costs ratepayers more than $3 million a year to run. Apart from the need to rein in operating costs, the arts centre must return to basics, too: getting the best, most popular exhibitions possible. Plus more focus on local artists.

Number 5. Word on the street that more money will be needed to make the Campbelltown billabong work. Mr Mayor, as a ratepayer, our advice is: enough is enough.

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