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Rob Dries with some of the local kids
Rob Dries with some of the local kids in Moso Island

Rob Dries from Group Six rugby league club Appin Dogs seniors recently put NRL training balls from the Group Six development officers to some good use while he was on holiday.

Rob and his family travel to Moso Island for their holiday every year.

Moso Island is off Vanuatu and has a population of around 200 people, no power or running water, and only one school with 40 kids across all grades.

The main village is called Tassirki, and they only see around 10 or 15 visitors a year, who come and stay on the island, and where the school is located.

The main sport on the island is soccer, but the school has been introducing Rugby League, rugby, hockey and cricket.

So this year Rob asked and was able to spend two hours with the students, explaining the rules of the game, some training, and then a game.

On top of the NRL training balls, Rob was able to get other gear over to give to the school kids also, which Jet Star covered the costs of the freight.

The NRL training balls were given to the school so the kids can keep playing our sports.

It would be great to see some of these kids wearing an old set of jerseys that a club could donate for next year, said a Group 6 spokesman.nicework1

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