Apollo-M the next step in music evolution

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Here it is, online: the next step in the evolution of music

Apollo-M is an on-demand, subscription platform created for anyone with dreams of being a rock star, a concert pianist, or who just wants to jam and play the music they love.

Developed in Australia, the innovative platform helps musicians by delivering unlimited access to a library of thousands of music lesson videos, books and more, covering all the popular instruments, genres, styles and age groups.

World-leading music education innovator, LearnToPlayMusic.com  (based in Adelaide), is taking on the Silicon Valley start-ups by investing over $2 million developing Apollo-M.

“The appeal of a platform like Apollo-M is in having everything that a beginner or professional musician needs to pursue their music dreams, or a music teacher needs to teach their students, in one affordable place,” said Gary Turner, the co-founder and CEO of LearnToPlayMusic .com.

“It’s like Netflix for the world of musicians.

“Instead of paying $25 for only one lesson book, anyone can subscribe for just $4.95 per month, and get unlimited access to thousands of the best lessons, eBooks, videos, podcasts, web TV shows, digital sheet music and documentaries about learning and playing music.”

Further features in development include a social network focused on learning, making and playing music, a comprehensive suite of digital music tools, interactive gameplay learning tools, and a live teacher streaming video system, connecting students and teachers.

“There really is no other app or website that will come close to matching Apollo-M’s features and value,” Turner said.

Apollo-M will launch in the second quarter of 2015, with a library of over 10,000 eBook, video and audio lessons, and will be available on all major platforms and devices.

A free trial period will allow anyone to see the benefits for themselves, before subscribing.

“The platform is also a great opportunity for music professionals,” Turner said.

“Alongside the licensing deals we have in place with other major content providers, we’re offering free subscription accounts to music professionals, publishers, teachers and schools who use the platform as a teaching tool, or distribute their original music lesson and related content through Apollo-M’s Pay-per-view Revenue Program.

“Apollo-M really is the next evolution in music learning, teaching and playing, and we want everyone in the music community to have the opportunity to be involved and share in the rewards,” Turner said.

“On November 24 we will be launching an Indiegogo campaign, allowing everyone to be directly involved in Apollo-M’s continuing development. We will be offering some really cool and exclusive perks to support the platform, and giving anyone that contributes a piece of the action.”

About LearnToPlayMusic.com: Launched in Adelaide, Australia in 1979 (as Koala Music Publications), LearnToPlayMusic.com is one of the world’s leading innovators and publishers of music learning books, videos and digital lesson content.

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