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Time to subdivide? Georges River Road, Kentlyn

Do you want subdivision in Kentlyn? That was the header in a leaflet dropped in letterboxes of Kentlyn residents last weekend, including mine. The anonymous leaflet went on to say:

Now is your time to speak out to the Councillors of Campbelltown to get your voice heard! The Councillors of Campbelltown will be meeting in the next month to make a decision on the Environment Plan and some of your local neighbours have put in an application for subdivision.

We need Kentlyn residents to speak up to persuade council to consider subdivision for Kentlyn. Some of your neighbours have been voicing their subdivision requests to council regularly. We also need Kentlyn residents to do this regularly as large interest will be looked at favourably by council.

All you need to do is send an email to the Campbelltown Councillors NOW to express your support for subdivision. Email councillors directly on the following link found on the Campbelltown Council website:

〉 I was playing email tennis with autism champion Grace Fava earlier this week, when she let slip that last Friday she’d won the UWS 2015 Woman of the West award. It’s true, that’s how I found out about it. There was no press release, no grand announcement from the university or even the person who nominated Grace, MP and Macarthur identity Chris Hayes. I hadn’t encountered this much shyness and modesty since my last visit to a monastery for buddhist monks. But somehow I found it refreshing. Maybe there’s hope for we humans after all in the age of Twitter and Facebook.

 〉 Greg Warren’s election night venue will be Bradbury Hotel. It seems the Labor candidate for Campbelltown has locked in a section of the pub most people call “The Brad’’. When Bryan Doyle, the sitting MP, and his people tell us where he will be spending March 28 we’ll let you know.

Screenshot 2015-03-09 15.43.54 〉 Speaking of pollies, Bryan Doyle told me that Labor was using a photo we took of him at the opening of the Darrell Lea factory last year. I checked it out and it was on a Macarthur Labor Facebook page, pictured left. Whoever the naughty people are behind it never made a courtesy call to the South West HQ to get permission to use the image of Bryan sticking a chocolate covered marshmallow in his mouth.

〉 Grade cricket is played by people who are just two rungs below Test level, with Shield selection in the middle. But last week the entire Sydney cricket first grade comp was declared a bye, not played. Why? You won’t believe this, but it is true that the order came from the top that grade bowlers – that’s about 80-90 of them – including our local bowlers from Campbelltown and Liverpool, should head to the SCG nets instead and line up to bowl at the Australian world cup team.

〉 Do you know where all the war service memorials are located across the Liverpool area? Or maybe just the ones in your suburb? Liverpool City Library staff are in the process of creating a comprehensive register of local memorials, and would like to hear from you. Contact Donna Edgar, Heritage Services Officer at the Library on 98219435 or at


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