Research and development payoff is better roads everywhere

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technotruckFrom pesky potholes to dangerous ruts, erosion and plain old hard-wearing have long plagued roads across regional and urban Australia.

But now  Aussie company Global Road Technology (GRT) has developed an innovative and extremely successful solution being utilised all over the world.

Founded just three years ago, the Australian road construction company has become an international juggernaut, with some 18 offices popping up around the world, and it’s all down to their use of innovative soil-stabilization polymer solutions.

“This technology allows us to create a much more solid soil base, and as with all construction projects, a solid base is the most important starting point,” says Troy Adams, GRT Managing Director.

GRT polymer products works to solve road stabilisation problems and dust control for all types of roads, from major highways and freeways to haulage, industrial, tarmac, hardstand and water repellent areas and not forgetting rural backroads.

Helping the company on its international mission to construct greener, safer, more durable roads is its expanding fleet of Isuzu trucks, including GRT’s agile NPR 400 road maintenance vehicle.

Equipped with polymer tanks, water tanks, spray bars and jet applicators, GRT’s NPR 400 set-up is built to work.

“These trucks will form the basis of the GRT Franchise model and will be used in applications for smaller scale jobs like private roads, access tracks, farms and driveways. The Isuzu trucks create a fleet of independently operated applicators for these projects,” Mr Adams said.

“The Isuzu truck offered the best weight and space requirements for the price and for the modifications we needed to make. The appearance and ability to perform in tough conditions (we work mostly on unsealed roads) made for an appealing overall package.”

The NPR line-up dominates the light duty market, with GVMs spanning 4,500 kg to 7,500 kg.

Powered by an Isuzu Sitec diesel engine, producing 114 kW at 2,600 RPM (155 HP), with torque of 419 Nm @ 1600 – 2,600 RPM and a GVM of 7,500 kg the NPR400 is a good match for GRT’s application.

An all-rounder in every sense, the NPR 400 has safety covered too with ABS, ASR and Hill Assist rounding out a complete robust safety suite.

With the Isuzu NPR 400 forming the core equipment prerequisite for GRT, the business has gone from strength to strength, negotiating contracts with local state and federal governments, private companies, not-for-profits, mining corporations, even military arms and countries upgrading their national road infrastructure.

“The business started to trade three years ago after we identified a host of needs within our industry following the acquisition of a core technology block.

[social_quote duplicate=”no” align=”default”]“We then began investing heavily in research and development in a bid to deliver safer and better roads worldwide that are not only quick to construct but are cost effective and environmentally friendly,” Mr Adams said.[/social_quote]

“We are constantly reinventing, each time having the ability to offer something better than what is currently available.

“Often we’re able to provide a solution where there wasn’t one before, and that sets us apart.”

One such recent in-house solution developed by GRT engineers is a specifically formulated means of hazardous dust suppression for use on busy road and work sites.

“That’s another one of our aims, to build roads in a way that causes as little impact on the environment as possible,” Mr Adams said.

GRT is continually growing, offering total turn-key solutions for mining, commercial, industrial, farming and military sectors, as well as in developing communities worldwide.

And with the help of one of the world’s popular light trucks, the Queensland based Global Road Technology can continue to produce safer and more durable roads for the enjoyment and safety of us all.


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